I know you're using the chip for gfx as well, but couldn't you spare a few pins for outputting PWM audio? It'd be stupid easy to have a bunch of preprogrammed waveforms (including a random noise generator) and the ability to switch between those and samples at runtime. That way you'd have a couple of GB-wav-like (yes I know it's PCM) channels, which would be really fun to write for.

Failing that, you could always add a dedicated PSG chip, keep everyone happy.


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btw cheers everyone, you're all really cool.

E G D C.

Twenty bucks please.

marianpekins wrote:

With over a billion of our prey birds circulating around the world.


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Also, what about sequencers (like most DAWs)?

yeah I'm hyped.


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Hey, so I released a short funk ep made with 80s and 90s gear. Fifteen minutes of auditory cheese.

Would be cool to hear what you guys think.

The style is reminiscent of the 16-bit consoles if anything. Even then, the high colour sprites have that Playstation vibe about them.

8bit? But your alter ego is clearly a 24-bit, 16 million color, RPG Maker VX sprite.


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Cheers for the help guys. Vegas Diamond wrote me up a little bit of software in the end. The output sounds very NES DPCM, which is rad.

And yeah, if I get something really decent out of it, I'll let y'all know.


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Yeah, I saw this but couldn't quite decipher it well enough to apply the code meaningfully (I'm not very good, still learning). If you knocked this up in C++ or whatever I'd be eternally grateful.

whoa, rad.


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Anyone know of any software that can do this?

I've built myself a very simple Arduino PDM synth and want to slap in some waveforms and (very small) samples without having to write them out by hand (and guesswork). I've literally been using photoshop to work out the conversion.

There must be something out there that takes a PCM wave (.wav or something), crunches the numbers and spits out a bunch of 1s and 0s which I can then copypaste into the code.

in 2030 we'll have moved to the limitations of bit and sample rate for that vintage 2000's sound.


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J3wel wrote:
AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

Alex Kelly and I (we do this this and this) have been thinking about doing something like this for aeons, so count us the fuck in. Also I'm SOOO down for some sort of chip meet n greet too!! (I'm staying in Portsmouth on me own over Easter to get uni work done so I'd appreciate the company :'( ~sob story #12)

Send me a PM about what your schedule is I'm sure I could find time to discuss such things!

I'm about in Gosport (damn close) over Easter, so let me know if there's some kind of meet and I'll pitch up.

liquidcalm wrote:

I do bits n bobs in Wales.. well Cardiff at least so if you wanted any gigs here just holla. Would like to do some smaller things etc.. and I'm always happy to travel about the place for gigs smile
*cough* maybe a 'touring' gig-swap style thing could be in order?

Would b cool.


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Bristol's about 2 hours from the hampshire lot, which is a pretty expensive round trip, but would be cool.

btw, hampshire guys, definitely worth putting on some kind of local gig, however I wonder if we'd pull in enough attention for the bars/venues to bother. Plus, we'd need some kind of decent live footage to at least prove it'd be worth their time. Gigged around enough in southampton to know they're tentative enough booking a funk band, let alone an evening of beeps.