Well you've set the bar high for your future releases! Disconnected was my favorite.

Great art by the way.


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I've found that a simple pulse instrument can get an aggressive wobble effect with the PF0 command. What are your techniques for making dubstep drops in LSDJ? Or do you think that dubstep isn't kosher?

Ugh, this gameboy must be defective. Now it just turns itself off right after the nintendo logo finishes. It's not a problem with the batteries, I loaded it twice with fresh ones. Maybe in a year when my soldering skills improve I could go in a try to fix it.

Shame, it was one of those really cool red ones too...

Another observation I forgot to mention is that both the screen and power button turn off when I press start (the music still plays though).

Hopefully this is one of those noob questions that can be answered easily.

Ahem, anyways. I Just got my gameboy pocket in the mail and got LSDJ running. The problem is that whenever I add or change notes in the Phrase section, the screen flashes for a brief second making it impossible to see what I'm doing. When this happens, the red power LED turns off momentarily as well. Is this some problem specific to pockets? How could I go about fixing it?



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I don't know about trackers designed for the 2600, but there is the synthcart. Also, this video may be relevant to you.

nitro2k01 wrote:

Faerlight, I don't know if you're a troll, but I'm leaning in that direction.

And I'm sort of leaning in the direction of being new to this place. My first topic was about getting into LSDJ, my second topic was which gameboy I should get, my third was a general discussion I started because I sincerely wanted to hear the general opinion of this place. What constitutes this "attitude" I apparently have is beyond me. I guess I'll just lurk-more until my 64m card arrives from kitsch-bent.

chunter wrote:

Is chunter a troll?

Quite certainly.

So if in fact chipmusic is solely a medium, would it be seemly for music distribution sites to list jazz songs composed of sampled Atari 2600 bleeps in the same section as jazz songs played with a saxophone?


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Stern Fucking Zeit wrote:

You must be new here...

Yes, I joined a few days ago. As had you at one point.

JuicePouch wrote:

can't we get over this shit and just make music?

I hadn't known that discussion was so inhibiting to the process of composing music. I can understand how an 8bit cover of a song could still adhere to the original's genre, but I've observed that there's a particular bluntness and audacity born from the hardware limitations of the systems chiptunes are written for (this is especially prevalent on gameboys). This forced minimalism is respected even in fakebit tracks, where no such technical limitations exist. I think that constitutes a style; a motif found throughout the genre.

Is chipmusic its own specific genre of music, or is it a means of presenting music? For example, is Beethoven's 9th played on a gameboy a chiptune, or is it classical?

Telerophon wrote:

The Game Boy Color completely obsoletes the Game Boy Pocket for use with LSDj. Any shortcoming that the MGB and CGB have compared to the DMG with regards to sound are offset by the better processing capabilities of the Color. The Game Boy Pocket is the "worst of both worlds," so to speakā€”it doesn't have the tonal qualities that people favor the DMG for, and it doesn't have the processing power of the CGB, which is virtually the same size.

I'm starting to feel rather foolish since I just ordered my pocket before reading this. Ugh, well I'll get a CGB as my second.

Thanks for your help Telerophon! Sorry that this thread is hackneyed.

DotMatrix wrote:

The MGB, despite having slightly inferior sound, has the edge in being more portable. If you're on the move a lot, its a better size to carry around. Pro-sounding it can give it that extra kick it needs with the sound. The MGB is a good choice for beginners because they are only learning the program, and not doing shows. So sound is not exactly vital.

The main reason I'm getting into LSDJ is because it's portable; the only time I have to compose is while I'm on the move. I can't ever imagine myself doing a gig either, as glorious as that would be. The MGB definitely seems to be my model.

Thank you so much for the tips DotMatrix! I really appreciate it.

DotMatrix wrote:

You have no idea about the fire you started...

Lol, I just want to know which one I should buy as my first. My research has said that the pocket has a better screen and uses less batteries, but I just want to make sure.

...a console war, same company, same product, same specs, but a console war nonetheless.

What are the differences between the original gameboy and the gameboy pocket? Which is better for LSDJ?

Would you like it if chipmusic was suddenly discovered by the mainstream? Personally, I'm all for new people getting interested in the movement, but I'm afraid of the industry trying to "domesticate" it for the average consumer.

What are your thoughts?