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I work in the game industry world as audio programmer, mostly doing Android. Building synths as a hobby, having two kids and too long commute time (Which makes some good LSDj time).

Yeah people complain about a commute, but if you take a train, it can be great. I did all the Robo Hero level design and music on the Metra train when I used to work down town.

I do other kinds of music and sound engineering work as beatscribe that accounts for about 10% of my total income, most recently the One Deck Dungeon soundtrack and its coming expansion. I also write for a few blogs, some anonymously, some not (like, thats a nice little side job. The rest of my living comes from being a developer, I mostly do SQL, ASP.NET and Ruby but I'm moving toward becoming a stack developer, doing some side jobs with MEAN and VueJS. I'm 100% work from home, maybe even a bit reclusive as my wife works from home too.  I enjoy hanging out with her and my cats. I work a lot with my church too (pretty much the only time I go outside). I also like Sci fi and my wife has got me into period pieces which are super good.  I occasionally play video games, still have an original SNES and currently i'm playing thru a rom hack of super metroid that I have on an actual cartridge. I don't get into new games much at all. I love Habitica and am a regular user of it, helps me stay organized and makes my life feel like a little RPG.

Being a developer is awesome, even though its hard to learn, if you imagine, someone will pay you for the rest of your life to learn this, its worth it. see: … eek03day17


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BandCamp | iTunes

One Deck Dungeon is a roguelike RPG card game from Asmadi Games. As a gift to their kickstarter contributors, an album of SNES style RPG songs was commissioned to provide background ambience for the dungeon crawling adventures. I was heavily inspired by the SquareSoft SNES-era RPGs such as Secret of Mana and FF6. This album was a lot of fun and I did some experimental things such as a 13/4 time signature (Hydra's Swamp) and alternate soft versions of each song. Its pay what you want on Bandcamp. Please enjoy!


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I stumbled across this and thought I'd share. It doesn't really focus on the music of the demo scene but part 5 about the art scene has some classic tunes and its definitely interesting. I'm guessing at least a few people here may have been part of this scene. I was myself, and actually know some of the interviewees (although we were like 15 and only talked via bbs). Aside from the art scene and hacking episodes, its kind of dull, but interesting to see how things developed. Especially Ward Christensen, who is just like, 'i needed to send someone file one day, so I created XMODEM. I didn't want to call a bunch of people one day, so in a week, I wrote a BBS program.' I wish I was that smart and productive.


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he's moved on to other styles but this one has a creepy vibe: … us-anxious


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Very nice.


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Also there's this, same idea, but plays more and has some other things like hdmi out. … escription


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Sounds great. Particularly the title track.


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Pretty messed up. I posted a comment and disliked. I'm sure they'll just delete it though. Tweeted too.


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EastWest Quantum Orchestra Tools
Synth Programming Basics
Logic Pro

PHP/Symfony 2
Oracle Pl/SQL

I suggest anyone with too much time who loves computers and is still young learn to program. Its like 3 years of horrible stress and confusion for a steady career with tons of freedom and control. You really don't even need a degree these days, and you can learn online if you're dedicated enough.

I like it a lot. But its not all I listen to. I find I keep coming back to the more post-rock styled chip stuff, Revengineers, KANAGAWA ,Bronzed Chorus, Depreciation Guild, Infinity Shred etc. Occasionally I'm in the mood for some straight LsDj stuff, Twisboy's Kittens In Space album is my favorite at the moment.

When I work out I have a huge mix of metroid metal, power glove, OC remix type stuff, classic remix stuff of old games.


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really good.

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Challenge accepted.

Though I think it's not 100% what you're looking for, I hope you check it out and enjoy it!

I did enjoy it, lots of nice syncopation going on there too.


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I am not against it, but if you can find a hand-made 8-bit cover done in a tracker vs a converted deal, the authentic one is always gonna blow it away. There are some awesome Daft Punk covers out there. I have found some cheapish Smiths and Radiohead ones that I still listen to despite their lack of 'authenticity'...



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I am working on the music for an Xbox game, first chip style commission i've picked up for a non-iOS or PC platform aside from a Nintendo DS game that probably will never be released. Also, weirdly, a SNES style soundtrack for a card game adaptation to iOS.