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It's shit. Literally me and two other dudes here in SFL that actively try and play shows. I miss half of them since I'm only 20 and they don't want to run into legal issues with me entering bars and such despite us not being there as customers.


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She's straight fuckered, friend. You likely ripped the back ribbon cable that connects behind the LCD or broke a trace or two on the brown one under the screen.

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

Haha I missed this the first time. I didn't expect one of my covers to be in here.

Also something that might fit the bill is the Space Dandy opening, mainly the chorus (1:38). This one is a bit longer than the OP version.

And here's my Gameboy rendition of it. I tried to capture the feel as best I could, but the arp during the "NAMIDA NAMIDA sou nanda!" part has since been redone so it goes up and down at the same time.

https://soundcloud.com/im_a_track_man/v … it-version


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Hope everyone here likes anime tits and shitposting.

As someone who mainly does chiptune covers of anime tunes, I can say that A LOT of anime OPs and EDs are perfect chip material.
Also, step aside everyone.


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Matej wrote:

Is there any NSFplayer only cartridge?

Yes. Though, to get one you need to "know a guy" since they (a.) don't ship outside of Japan and (b.) don't offer support overseas.

It's super funny that I have more of a following than this dude.

It's greater by like, 30 people probably, but that's still hilarious.


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[wrong thread]

Tronimal wrote:

Usally biggest size for NES ROM is max 512K, even if there was one cart once that had 1 Megabyte ROM (Dragon Quest 4).

It's 512k and doesn't even have a CHR ROM.

Metal Slader Glory is the only game that has a 1MB ROM and it's MMC5 (not MMC1 like DQIV). Sorry, I had to point that out.

In regards to the expansion audio, if you were to make a game with expansion audio and play it on a stock NES, it simply wouldn't play. Remember that the MMC5 is in many western NES games, and if you were to connect the audio path, nothing will play. Those registers are only used for audio and totally isolated from everything else.

Delek wrote:


Can you make it so the last bank in the NSF is fixed then (if it's not), so they're TNS compatible? Because my cartridge refuses to play any Deflemask exports with PCM.

Delek wrote:

Shut the fuck up Im_A_Track_Man. smile

I'm just sad because PCE is something I really like.

Deflemask is flawed in so many ways and .hes "export" is one of them.


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SketchMan3 wrote:

i'm not prolific or accomplished enough in the chiptune community to feel comfortable as an interviewee

tbh same fam. Feel free to ask anyway, though, as I just recently participated in the first "real" chip show in Miami.

Assuming LSDj is already on the cartridge:
- Plug the cart into your PC
- click the "Read SRAM" button and name it "<whatever you like>.sav" (it doesn't automatically add the file extension)
- start up LSDManager, and put the new song in the .sav
- save under a new/different filename
- plug in the cart and open up GB_USB again
- click Write SRAM and choose "<whatever you like, but changed>.sav"
*Now writting* (sic)

Here's the one I made and still use.


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Arc-Demon wrote:
Im_A_Track_Man wrote:

If you really want one, get one o' them Japanese folk to get one and ship it for you. (They're still for sale, but can't be gotten as "easily". It's even harder now as only TNS is selling them).

Nope, he tried (my friend from Japan). He said they were discontinued for a newer model (which doesn't take YMZ294 chips for some reason). We'll see what's up though.

Either way, I'm stuck with these chips. I guess I'll just chuck them at some homeless guy. Maybe he could sell them for some dough.

The HFC5 and HFX4 order forms are still up. The HFC4 (built-in FDS chip) is the one that's discontinued, which is honestly a bit of a shame.