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or here in streamable form

aanaaanaaanaaana folks are releasing a new song every monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, plus the source file when it's not too huge. let us know if we accidentally create a good one! ((()))


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everyone grab this


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I need help to bivalve my game boy


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Hah! This prissy chip "musician" obviously needs to go back to note school. lol ...! Forty-seven. Thirty seven! I bet you get all sensitive about this (typical!) but I respect the tonic sub-dominant and maybe, if you knew what you were talking about...



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aanaaanaaanaaana currently only releases music in secret


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Calling all nursery grunge/arctic d&b/stolbist futurefolk producers:

aanaaanaaanaaana.net is looking for 4 billion partners
- a dog may listen to your song
- a sheep may listen to your song
- if you are lucky a DUCK may listen to your song

- at least one song a decade in a format and BPM of your choice
- try not to lose any of your personal effects because reuniting them with their owner is an almost impossible job

Dear indulgent spirits,

A time tunnel sometimes opens at aana HQ and leaves strange scrimshaw messages on our shores. Here's one with a message so urgent it don't get scrubbed off.

murder agency blood's damnation mix

((())) aanaaanaaanaaana.net :: dogs contain an oracular wealth of knowledge ((()))
((())) aanaaanaaanaaana.net :: you just don't get to choose the order you hear it in ((()))


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as soon as you are born you are friends with a horse


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[18:05] <@tawnysanta> smile a aana thread about No Albums got more messages than one about Some Albums imo
[18:05] <little_dog> no albums, no music, what a fucking relief, i can finally post in an aana topic without having to pretend i listened to their music, or whatever it is they do


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Feryl wrote:

So... you wasted your time?

It's actually worse than that

Dear friends,
Six weeks of hard work has been put into an album we have no intention of releasing. We don't want to be the soundtrack to war, to unrestrained pollution or one kettled protest after another. "PIGS CANT TOUCH MY RIDE" will be released instead in the next life.

Sorry to disappoint!


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Alpine wrote:

everything kfaraday writes


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here's a playlist of aanaaanaaanaaana tunes. Short right now but updated every so often.

People are always lamenting the fact that we release mostly in .IT format so here's the chance to listen with one click!


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we're not big on ownership here at aana. the guinea pig is family!


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an album that literally lasts over a year of real time


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Thank you! Hope you all at least check out the video - the song's challenging and heavy and possesses a strong chiptune identity!