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Was going to post that I was having quite a bit of crashing last night on my ipad 2, but got up this morning and Oliver had already posted an update that fixed it. 

This update is amazing!!


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OH MY GOD OLIVER!!!! I could kiss you!  I have been messing with it for a bit this morning and I am positively blown away with all the new functionality.  Cannot wait to get home from work and throw some larger samples in it and work on the ipad rather than my phone.

Thanks so much for this!


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YES!! I second the request for loop regions in the file screen


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Hey, gave this a listen last night.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Great stuff!


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Was just trying to help you out in case you weren't aware of the pricing, no need to call names. 

Also, FYI, the newer carts don't have or need a case, they are just a PCB you stick in your gameboy.

Best of luck with your sale


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You do realize you can buy the newer version Nanoloop 2 carts for 48euros($68cad) brand new, right?  And you can get the newer USB/midi adaptor for 9euros($12.81cad) brand new.

Would probably explain why nobody is jumping on this


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Awesome!!  Glad it wasn't me being a donkey with the demo.

Been messing with it this morning, pretty awesome stuff!  Thanks so much for the update Oliver!


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Ya, it definitely seems like there is something wrong here with the demo; the filters do nothing to the R and L channels either


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This is working on your cart though?  The demo rom does not seem to work properly on my end.


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Now I'm not sure what is going on?  The LFO on the S channel causes clicks in time to the sweep, and I seem to be getting something similar with the normal mode too?  Also seems like the filter settings on the S channel have no effect on the sound, regardless of mode.  And I still can't get anything aside from a click out of the noise channel.

L and R seem to be working normally.  Is the demo rom broken or something?  I am well experienced with 2.6, but this has me stumped.


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Noise arps!!!  YES!! I wanted this badly, so great for hi hat rolls and stuff, use it all the time on 1.6.  Why did you take away the notes values though?  I kind of like being able to see what note I am entering.

Also I'm trying the demo rom in no$gba( I use the 2.6 rom with it everyday at my desk at work and no problems), and the noise doesn't seem to be working properly(regardless of what I do to the parameters I get nothing but a barely audible click, even with the envelope wide open) and as soon as I put a note on the S channel it starts messing with my R and L channels, sounds like it's retriggering the envelopes, remove the note from S channel goes back to normal.  Actually with a little more experimenting it seems like the LFO on the S channel is re-triggering the envelopes on the R and L channels , as it seems fine until I kick over to LFO mode.

I've also tried it in visualboy advance, but just like the 2.6 rom, you get constant buzz as soon as you load the rom

Am I missing something here, or are these actual bugs?

I'm hesitant to update my actual cart until I've messed with it a bit in the emu to see if I like the features enough to change over, as I'm not keen to lose the note values, although the noise arp has me excited if I can get it to work.


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So if it isn't using old funk records, it isn't hiphop?  If you synthesize drum sounds versus using manipulated samples, it isn't trap?

To me a genre is defined by the way it sounds, not the tools used to create it.


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Matej wrote:

Its crazy. But why not? There was someone who invented Skweee...
There was someone who invented House...
So it is about pioneers too.
Manufacturing one just seems crazy but it is part of creative process.

Ya, but they likely didn't set-out and say I am making this 'new music and it is called x and involves the use of y and z; others, follow me and do as I do'; they just made their music and other people named it as way of identifying it.

Matej wrote:

Rock and roll had specific instruments.
Hip hop had specific instruments.
Trap and dubstep is defined by specific instruments...
Why not FMYNTH?

What are you talking about?  What specific 'instrument' makes hiphop? trap and dubstep?

herr_prof wrote:

i prefer the term "music".

You're really reaching now.  It went from caring about what others think to social conditioning and sub-consciously following musical tradition?  Come on now.

Are you trolling me or what?  I can't tell if you are just being a clown or we are actually having this argument.

boomlinde wrote:
Infinity Curve wrote:

I suppose it is easier to follow the flock than to think for yourself.

Those two aren't mutually exclusive. It just so happens that humans are quite social creatures, and I don't understand why individualism is the (impossible) ideal in this matter, when you can learn from the perspectives of others.

Infinity Curve wrote:

FYI, Mixing a track properly does not = OMG da reverbz!!

Did I ever say it was? By "maybe" I mean to say that it's one of the potential outcomes besides someone saying "This sounds too good to be chip".

I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish; if you are trying to create something original and innovative, or if you are just making what you think people want to hear.  This has nothing to with being social, it's about individual creation.  I would much prefer to make music I enjoy creating that only appeals to a small few  than to make stuff I feel no connection to simply because it is what sells.  If you are making art, it's about what you want to do and expressing yourself, not pandering to what people want.  Why be a follower when you can be a trailblazer? Guess it all comes down to why you do what you do.

As for the whole reverb thing, you seem to be missing the point.  Sure, if you don't know what you are doing, better to leave well enough alone, but if you can mix your track in such a way as to improve the quality of the track, why wouldn't you?  Because some people don't know what they are doing, those that do shouldn't?