The site had lot of features and it could be difficult to adapt it into a forum, or maybe with a lot of coding.
It's not a hosting problem, lot of people (including me) have dedicated server and are able to host the site in a long term. The problem is to bring back all that was done by users and the code of the site.
Or maybe someone motivated can build it again from scratch.

My first microparty (as a spectator) in 2003 \o/

It changed my life!
Some photos:
(clic on "Menu Principal"/Parishq/"the first one")
*I think Malcom McLaren was in the public*

ahah Caninus.....I have their EP neutral

oh god I read "will be disabled" instead of " will not be disabled" sorry smile
Thanks for the informations I will continue my quest!

8bitweapon wrote:

Just use the c64/128 - 5 or 9 pin audio/video output cable for a RCA ebay smile

That I suppose:

OK great, so I will just need a monitor with RCA video input.

But well ... I lost the "portable" advantage of the sx64.

hahaha I already saw this video, didn't know it was from you.
Thanks for your answer.


I plan to buy a Commodore sx64, but I saw that there is no audio out jack.
Do you know if there is a way to hack it? it might be possible but I didn't find tutorial and I am a n00b with electronic soldering stuff.



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will you make some M size again?


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Where is space invaders ?!!!!!! wink


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Leonardo Dicaprio's Game boy : 980,00 USD


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PixyJunket wrote:

The last piece of my Play it Loud collection (finally) arrived today.

Pink DMG???? that's DIY?

Lots of vegan straight edge bands for me: Earth Crisis, Tears of Gaia, Purification, 7generations, Gather, xMaroonx, Children of Gaia, To Kill, Anchor, Destroy Babylon, Heaven Shall Burn, Nueva Etica, ...
Some classic gore-grind: rompeprop, inhumate, regurgitate, Cattle Decapitation, Haemorrhage, Last days of Humanity, ...
Some old french punk and new french electro-punk (like sexy sushi or kap bambino)

nowadays all is 8bit...and some crappy bad ambient music done with a synth are 8bit. :\ Varg.


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fucking website!


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