First off you can get AGS-001 screens for $15 from mortoff.

Personally, reading up this article ( and the followup on how to do it properly made me give up on the idea.
The AGS-001 frontlight is designed to be looked at at an angle horizontally, which is why all the pictures you see around are taken at an angle... 

If you still want to do this mod, I suggest reading up on it a bit more.
The part about the tab on the frontlight module you won't get until you actually take the screen apart or see someone else do it. 
basically, you have 2 layers soldered in the middle, you only want to keep the one attached directly to the frontlight's led strip.

Good luck!

I have one, it does work wonders.
I retrieved 10+ years old pictures with it, among which my very first selfie. 
It's expensive but it does exactly what it says very well.


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Good to know, thanks for sharing!

It sounds great. That's impressing. 
So you just recorded the different channels separately and put them together in Logic with some effects thrown on top?
I'm guessing that's mostly synths, right?


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Yeah, I have a set of alerts on ebay, got me a gold game boy light for 87€, including shipping thanks to those.
But such deals are few and far between, sadly.

For the record, I rerecorded the song like I said and reworked the mix a bit. I updated the track on soundcloud.


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@garvalf, That used to be true. 
I haven't found anything at garage sales in ages (and I've actually been to a lot last summer, a couple this year) and when I do find some they're specialized sellers who overprice their stuff. 
Last time I checked leboncoin it was exclusively listings for huge lots priced at low prices but the actual prices in the description are through the roof (probably professionals, too). 
Lastly, there's 2 second hand shops at a walking distance from my place, I went back there for the first time in 3-4 years several months ago and they just didn't have anything vaguely retro anymore. 
All those realizations happened roughly at the same time which gave me the impression (maybe erroneously) that the days of cheap retro consoles are actually over...


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martin_demsky wrote:

I got some luck in getting almost new 2nd hand DMG-01s at slovak/czech bazaar entitled Yellow and transparent DMG-01 i purchased for 20 eur was probably never used, it looks like brand-new, so instead of looking at suspicious shops look for bazaars in your country, you can also have some luck in finding almost new/probably never used, maybe only a few times.

I'd love to do that, unfortunately I'm not aware of such online stores in my country (France) where the prices are not the double of what you got.


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I contacted the seller to tell them I was planning on buying 1 or 2 units and ask if they had them without the pokemon lens and if he could sell them for $22.
He responded "sorry ,the game boy Account for the out of stock", which I'm not sure how I should interpret. The listing is still up...


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Thanks for the link.
So, did you open it? Is it indeed refurbished?

Hey, thank you Trashman! 
Yeah, the wonky part is when I started feeling confident enough to change a bunch of stuff and play with stereo and the 2 pulse channels. 
The beginning of the track was a lot of copy/paste and simple transposition... I wanted structure but ended up with something maybe a bit linear...
I'll try and keep that in mind for my next track.

Have a wonderful day, even kinder stranger! ^^

Hi there,

I've been fiddling with Game Boys and LSDJ for a long time now, but only recently did I complete a full track, entirely composed on a Game Boy (during my commuting time, no less tongue). 

Here's said track :

So, I'd love some criticism, advice on how to improve my sound (I'm already started with my next track) and such.

Also, I've recorded this one with a GBA SP and a laptop's integrated sound card in Audacity with a compressor to bring the signal to a listenable level.
I'll be re-recording it with a DMG through my external sound card (a focusrite smth i smth) and mix it/master it with proper plugins, but I'd love to have some advice on the setup and how to best treat the signal.

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, so after today's fiddling, 2 weird things happened.

1. The first DMG magically found its right channel back, both on headphone and speaker. I have absolutely no idea of the original cause of the problem.

2. The second one, that happens to be seriously corroded on the inside due to battery leakage (a.k.a how to learn the hard way to check for forgotten batteries when you purchase at a yard sale), lost any sound on the speaker, even before I opened it. However, the headphones port still works and I could establish that the right channel loss occurred somewhere in the volume pot thing (I could hear it when bypassing).

Which leaves me there, wondering how I could trust a DMG randomly losing its right channel and how to get the speaker to work on the other one (Edit: the problem definitely comes from the CPU board, though).

Also... I don't exactly have any valuable knowledge in electronics, but if the volume pot is the cause of the loss, there's nothing to do apart from replacing it, right?


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I'll look into it and report back later.

Thanks a lot!


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Oh hey Kitsch!
I'm going through all this before I choose on which one I'll solder the RGBbb kit I just got from you, haha! ^^

Well, sounds bad...
Does anyone know if there's a diagram of the DMG pcb available somewhere? I searched but couldn't find one.

I could try and find out where the weakness is and hopefully fix it. Not very likely at this point, it seems, but hey! a man can dream...


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Yup, seems good.
But since there's no right channel on the speaker either, I'd expect the problem to come from somewhere upstream...

Anyway, I tested the volume pot and it seems clear as well.