I nominate this for the best gag release of 2014.
Also, best cover art.


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. nvm


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Mountain Dew


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I live in New Albany I have Louisville because its more recognizable.

Count me in yo.

Br1ghtprimate & Suppercommuter


8bitstellar & We were once robots.

I just felt like you guys here would find this interesting.

Not terribly off topic.



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sandneil wrote:
Bit wish wrote:

I actually date a person who makes chip tune.
We chip tune together, play video games, make food.
And sex is a big part, but not what our love is based off of.... isn't that right Hand?

anythings possible... why wouldnt you want to chiptune with your partner?

[masturbation joke]


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Best advice I can give you, keep placing notes Down until you get something that sounds good.


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Pulse: chains 10 - 2F, 50 - 5F
Wav 30- 3F, 60 - 6F,
Noi 40 - 4F

Typically how I organize


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aaroneow wrote:
Bit wish wrote:

I will also mess around on a piano making melodies.

In the bathroom?

Yes he does, I can vouch for him.

Nice work!

And no, i don't think we should split it.
Maybe we can have a month lock for new users before they can create a thread so they get familiar with what is appropriate.

Puke_Flytalker wrote:

great way to scare a bunch users off of the site guys

You haven't really changed much since 8bc.

You best be listening to tempsoundcolutions, like wise every one else who has given you advice similar to that.
Like bit wish, he sent me screen shots of your pm's and i read all the earlier threads.

He gave you good advice in something he's quite acquainted with. If you had listen you wouldn't be having problems right now. Instead you just called him names and such, which doesn't make you any different than that ZAZI guy who was calling you name which hurt your feelings.

Im surprised your not banned yet to be honest, but i hope things changed for you hmm