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Pretty rad idea, especially considering the price point. If I could make a suggestion though, a PC-Engine or Twin Famicom design might look a bit better for such a small case. Plus they were much better looking than the SNES and MegaDrive.
I'd also be willing to help with the coding where possible, Im a 3rd year computer science major and need some real world exprience.


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If you like mind-fucky stories, I HIGHLY recommend Haruki Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore' and 'A Wild Sheep Chase', for sci-fi, Phillip K Dick and HG Wells are always top notch. There is so much garbage fantasy and sci-fi out there, so the classics are always a safe bet.

Also, what does this have to do with these forums?


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Im really liking this! With the vocals recorded a bit better this could be one of my favourite tracker + vocals projects yet. Well done mate. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

herr_prof: Is your PSP running any plugins? I know these can sometimes affect homebrew software. To turn them off, press select on the homescreen, go to Recovery Menu->Plugins, and disable them all. Hope it helps, Piggy is great on the PSP.

PSP 2000 and PSP E1000 (Street), both 6.60 CFW Pro C fix 3, never any issues running latest Piggy ghetto build.

Edit: I also used to run it on a PSP 1000 without any problems.


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e.s.c. wrote:

just curious, but where are YOUR songs? you haven't got anything uploaded to the site and no webpage or anything in your bio

Yeah, for somebody that doesn't know much music theory (Wikipedia doesn't count!) or even play the piano (or guitar I assume, as the same basic theory of scales and chords applies), and who has NO MUSIC to show, this gent talks an unbelievable amount of shit about how music theory should apply to other people's compositions! What a cunt.


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Just have to chime in here and say that I have been rocking a PSP Street with one of these and 8gb + 16gb microSD cards, daily, for about 2 years now, and never had the tiniest problem. The PSP Street is cheap and kind of crappy, but the flat black looks SO NICE!


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What platform are you running it on? And are you using the latest ghetto build?


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I really like this release! Fish Funk is my jam. It's nice to hear releases that aren't EDM.


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Well done people!!! This is a fitting swansong for the greatest chipthrashfuckyoucore netlabel. Thanks and farewell Datathrash.


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Awesome release, it made my freezing walk to work more tolerable.
Great nanoloop skills dude!


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There is also Deflemask, which might be a bit easier to learn than goattracker.

Has anybody sampled any of the POs for use in sample based trackers?


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I am looking for a DMG battery cover. Willing to trade some games or whatever. I have a dope neon yellow-green bootleg Gameboy cart if anybody wants it.

If somebody wants to throw a cheap ass LSDJ cart in with the deal, I will trade you a prosound refurbished Gameboy Pocket.

Always dope!!!