A little icon on the submission a la pouet would be nice, though I agree that tags shouldn't be mandatory

genre tags! genre tags!

I mean we have to run a drama-test here sooner or later to get this out of beta. tongue


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I second Akira Kiteshi. Check his soundcloud. I recommend Irn-Bru, the Better with you remix and the radio session. I have to say, aside from some Bass Clef tracks this is the only dubstep that appeals somewhat to me. Most of it is so cookie-cutter, it hurts (no pun on Cookie Monster intended)

Since most people tend to put contact info/links into their sig, why not assign a sexy 15x15 icon to each common link target (the usual social network stuff, maybe plus two or three custom ones for 'homepages') and put those in the lower right of the post, or under the user pic? Just as effective and less obnoxious, imo.


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Ah, corporate policies, wonderful things. To secure optimal compatibility and security, we'll force ancient crap software down you throat. And don't install anything, that's where all the viruses come from! But please use IE6, Outlook 2000 and don't install SP1 on your XP, it's not been cleared yet.

I feel you.

If you have a cleared stick (yes, usually hardware and not software for USB sticks is cleared, how much sense that makes) try to sneak a FF or Opera portable on it.


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plogue is the pro option. chip32 for something basic, easy and handy. I'll also pimp my own Medusa, although if you wait a bit, I'll release an upgraded version shortly.

Yeah, slick design!