My first completed chip track probably died together with my 386 sometime in the 90s

Probably on AdLib, probably not very good


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Hm. I have no interest in consoles, so it's just about the PC games for me. Which resulted in the usual E3 run-down, 60% shit boring FPS, 30% Sports/Racing I'm not interested in, 8% kinda cute stuff I'd play a few times but not buy.

So far the only PC title which looks interesting to me is WATCH_DOGS.
I haven't played vanilla DeusEx 3 yet, so I may get the Director's Cut thing.
Elder Scrolls Online probably won't convince me to lift my self-imposed MMORPG ban.
The Last of Us looks like I could enjoy it, but there's no PC port in sight.

goto80 wrote:

his new stuff under the name Fade Runner.

Important information! Merci!


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Yay! A YERZMYEY endorsement makes me happy everyday! heart


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boaconstructor wrote:

Do you have a 320 render of Like a Fly Into the Web? Would love to play it out in DJ sets

Sorry, I'm a little late with this, but here you go:


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Check this thread: … read-this/

And welcome! smile


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Teh D3th St4r wrote:

General Discussion.

Every single-forum view, actually

First stop should be Flogsta Danshall

Edit: Oh yeah, Harmönia!


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boaconstructor wrote:

Do you have a 320 render of Like a Fly Into the Web? Would love to play it out in DJ sets

320 CBR? No, but I could render one. Will have to wait until after work though tongue


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Live set would be difficult, him in Texas, me in Germany.. I don't even have a laptop hmm


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I don't know how many of you remember this, so I'll explain a bit.

Back in the 8bc days I was a big fan of Sievert and his technicolor space-hero persona he used for his music. However, he lacked an antagonist, so one day I had the idea of creating one for him. I made a second account and used an attention grabbing song name, spun a little story for it, and watched what happened.

What happened was a lot of fun.

We posted songs back and forth for a while, progressing in the story (which was the usual space opera stuff; rockets, doom-weapons, lasers, pew pew). The first few times he had no idea who was behind the Szliszka alias, but I had to come out eventually when the usual 8bc-ish drama ensued and people got a bit too enthusiastic.

Anyways, we planned to make the 'battle' into a split EP, with some nice art and the story. Maybe even a small comic. That obviously never happened, life got in my way, and time passed. I'm still sorry about that.

Sorry, cap'n! sad

I'm not writing any music at the moment, and haven't written any in a while. Just doesn't click. I was browsing my old files and found the unfinished EP- and I thought, what the hell, this shouldn't be just gathering dust on my HD. So I decided to release it as is.
There are the five Szliszka tracks and four Sievert tracks, I know a slightly different version of at least one has been released elsewhere (because I mixed the album tongue).

So for those of you who followed the original adventure, this doesn't offer anything new, except that I mastered the Sievert tracks. Those of you who didn't: here's a bit of fun and play. There's room for this in the chiptune community too, something that has been sadly absent here for a while, I feel.

To all: Enjoy! heart

Download, minions!

Small, specialized IT business with some high profile customers.
Which means I do like five jobs rolled in one. Analyst, designer, coder, integration, support, etc. On the upside it's never boring, but it can be really stressful at times.

When I had to make the choice where to go with my life, I checked my list of personal interests, ordered them by preference and chose the second (coding) as a job to keep the first (music) as a hobby. The fact I hardly code for recreation anymore seems to imply that was the right choice.

kitsch wrote:

communication is funny

We all have emotional agnosia by design here.

That was meant ironically.

No it wasn't.

I said that with a funny voice.

While frowning angrily.

blacktionjackson wrote:

The best ever quote about why conflict and negativity are good.

"In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock." - Harry Lime

Don't like that quote. Actually, I hate it with a passion.
War only fuels innovation because of increased funding. Peace and conflict (which as per quote channels creativity) aren't mutually exclusive, it's just that the conflict isn't violent.

Also, switzerland has the highest number of nobel laurates and an impressive number of otherwise creative people.

Lazerbeat wrote:

Walking into a hardware store and complaining that they dont sell apples and oranges is kind of fruitless.

From what I gathered the intention was to discuss paradigm, which is fine imo. It was just totally botched in the mode of conduct.

zan-zan, I have no problem in general with exposing flaws or problems by exploiting them. Or being provocative/hyperbole to make a point. If you overdo it though, you end up like Wile E. Coyote jumping on a warhead because it didn't go off like planned.
I've told you this elsewhere, but especially in a face-less, type-only environment like a forum you'll have to go that extra step of making yourself clear.