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boomlinde wrote:

hot bulb engine sound appreciation community

Steampunk 909

But yeah, after watching a few vids on youtube, I can see why.


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ant1 wrote:

what do you think of this

In order:

- lol this going to be good
- Songsmith
- lol these conversions are awesome
- maybe make photoshop filter -> pixelart comparison on the forums
- pitch detection isn't too shabby, wonder if it's realtime. Meh, can't be arsed to look that up
- people get worked up about this? Why?
- Some weird virus is throwing a party in my body and it gets annoying.
- At least I don't have to go to work and can re-watch Avatar: The last Airbender. Wasn't there a spin-off planned? I'll have to google that.
- You're still typing, maybe you should stop

from what I read, the consensus seems to be that chipmusic should stay underwater

I agree with Jellica


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Saskrotch wrote:

i thought it was called chinese telephone

also you should make people cover the song from memory after only hearing it once (played over skype or something)

There was another comp where you had to compose with sound off. Could be an alternative: Get the original mp3, but make the cover without sound on.

I'd be in for another round, this is fun.

paulc wrote:

Basically, I recorded a short wav sample from MAME from an arcade game I am trying to de-make for the GameBoy.
I am looking for a way to convert sounds and music for use in this GameBoy project to play on a real GameBoy.

I am hoping to find some kind of conversion tool that can take the original sounds and translate them for use in assembly code.

The only available tool to do this adequately is a human brain. Some programs to recognize pitch/time etc exist, but the results will not satisfy you. Further, I guess that the sample comes from a commercial game? If so, you would taint your project with possible copyright troubles.

My advice is to find a musician in a dedicated community (like, this forum) and ask to create SFX and music for you, if you can't do it yourself.

My mobile is MANUPORT
My drives are named after the Gorgons


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nitro2k01 wrote:

Sabrepulse has a thing or two to learn from Jose Torres. "Polite but to the point". (Addition: In case itwasn't clear, the conversation in the image took place about a week ago, as far as I'm aware.)

Hmm, I have a question. As far as I remember, there are multiple compilations with 8bc/8bitcollective in the name around. How is that handled legally? As I understand it, most predate the registration of 8bitcollective as a trademark, so if I contributed to/curated one that should be no problem since you can't extend copyright claims to the past. However, I guess continued distribution would be a problem?


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This thread has good links: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3679/ … is-thread/


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This sounds very much like a simple text to speech (MS Sam?). You can usually adjust pitch and speed in those. Shit Talker is another: http://unaesthetic.net/st/dl.shtml
There are a few VSTi out there (free & $$$), just google speech synthesizer.

I remember this one, I liked it so much I wanted to put a print of it on my walls.. hadn't room for it back then, but now I do. Let me check if I have the file.. nope sad

io9 is pretty ok, as long as you switch to blog view.

Who designs webpages these days anyways? Who thinks reading zig-zag is a good idea? And who let that same guy do the Facebook timeline? And how can we stop him from getting his fingers on twitter? Why am I stil talking? Is this thing on? Hello?

akira^8GB wrote:

No, sorry, I work in the creative industry (this isn't an industry right here in chipmusic.org) for about 12 years now and this IS common, every day fare. You get it sold every day on varied channels. Is it right? I didn't say it was right. But it's a reality.


While I'm not in the biz, it's hard to NOT notice how common this is. It's in movie soundtracks, commercials, trailers, jingles, elevators..
If you want a list: Here. (Warning: TVTropes)

I don't like it either. It's like ripping off your song and adding insult to injury by changing just enough to make it hold up in court. Dick move.

Why did you register the domains in the first place when you knew they'd be used soon-ish?

Btw, I appreciate that you show up and tell your side of the story.. I just hope this will get sorted out before devolving into a mud fight. I can't help but notice a certain amount of acid in both TSS' and your post. If it's just a case of miscommunication it should be easy enough to clear up.


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boomlinde wrote:

I wonder how it performs for chip music specifically. Square waves is a pretty special case that mp3 simply doesn't handle very well.

Yeah, that'll be interesting. I suspect it to be a problem of the FFT algorithm though, so I don't know. Maybe there's some magic special code for squares in it. I think I'll pit against my previous low rate test, that example should be still around. I'm not on my own computer atm, so I'll have to do that later.


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Well, this time, mighty Microsoft is involved (they're going to use it for Skype), so there might be a decent chance that it'll make it. Dunno if HTML5 supports it yet. That'd be big.


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xiph.org presented the standard for their fancy new audio codec Opus yesterday. Seems like it has a beastly quality/compression ratio, and the numbers look pretty impressive. I'll run a few tests with it when I have a bit time, but I've read about a mp3:opus=9:4 ratio in size while maintaining the same (or even better) quality. They're working on porting it to video as well. Oh, and Firefox 15 seems to support it natively.