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Sorry for all the questions, but I am having problems submitting. I have tried reloading the page re-exporting the song, the works. I got nothing, I just get this error from BOTB claiming that no file was received.


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I haven't already submitted the song thankfully, just the piece of art.


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So I submitted an art piece and was about to submit my song and realized I had on accidentally used my gamer alias instead of my musician alias XD is there something against making another account and resubmitting your stuff?

I too have been here for a while now; ever so oftenly posting questions, but never formally introduced myself. I one day for a school project needed a sound track, so instead of waiting for a friend I decided to load up the demo of FL studio and make my own. From there I only started using the program more and more, and I ended up buying it and trying to bring myself into the world of music.
Oh and I play cello, but that doesn't really matter.


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Well I have a bandcamp that hasn't been visited by more than 50 people, probably less. So it wouldn't be a problem using the same name, but I still think I want to change my name. Mainly because most people pronounce it Zeetrus when in reality it sounds like Extras. Also, on top of that, a friend of mine used this as his gaming alias for while and he said I could use it. At the time I was hard pressed for a name, so I took the name because I liked it and I needed one. Now though, I want a name that is my own, and a name that people can pronounce.


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Chunter, I see what you mean now. But it is not so much I want to change my style, and more that I want to improve my current style without the previous opinions held on me.

Theta_Frost, I was looking around on the interwebs and I can't seem to find any "studies" done on it. I found a bunch of recommendations as far as what you should and should not do, but nothing that is scientifically proven to be a "good" name.


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walter b. gentle wrote:

if you change your name dont tell people what you change it too. imo that defeats the purpose. plenty of people have multiple names. once i met a dude who's music i thought was cool, to find out he had like 50 or more different artist alias's ( no joke).

OK, I see your point. If you tell people what you're changing your name to, their opinion holds.


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chunter wrote:

You may be less self conscious if you think of the differences between Cybotron, Model 500, Infiniti, and so on... More about changes of style than anything else.

I don't believe I follow you, if you wouldn't care to elaborate, could you please?


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Alright, well in any case, I do want to change my name due to the fact that a large portion of the population pronounce my current name incorrectly. So any suggestions? My gaming alias is Major Fusion, so I have been thinking of using that, any comments or ideas?


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Yeah that's just it, the music that is released under THIS name hasn't and won't earn me a very large following. So a reboot shouldn't be too detrimental due to the fact that really no one is going to forget about me due to the fact that they haven't heard of me in the first place.


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Once you had improved your music in quality of course.


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Well, what about reinventing yourself as it were? Per-say you were to release some less than quality music not realizing it was such therefore giving your name a not so appealing light. What is your opinion of re-releasing yourself under a different name?


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OK, so I have been thinking about changing my artist name. This post is for two things. Should I change my artist name, and what, in your opinion, makes a good artist name.


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kfaraday wrote:

yep! there's a bunch of tools you can use to make each category

adlib can be made with a number of (usually DOS) tools, faust music creator, adlib tracker ii, reality adlib tracker are but a few

ay-3-8910/ym2149's main tracker is vortex tracker ii

pc engine/turbografx can be made with either huSIC or deflemask

mario paint's an extremely easy one, made so by the lovely 'mariopants'!

midi has many, anvil studio/rosegarden/sheet music notation programs/anything that can export a midi will do

24k tracker module's easiest ones (i think) are openmpt and milkytracker; the stipulation here is the end file has to be below 24 kilobytes

nes/famicom with expansions can be made with famitracker, you can use any expansion here (including pure 2a03 itself)

atari pokey x2 can be made with raster music tracker, has to be set to stereo hack to use the two pokeys

sega genesis/megadrive can be made with either tfm/vgm music maker or deflemask

snes/super famicom is made in openmpt/milkytracker/etc and then converted with either XMSNES or SNESMOD (depending on whether it's .xm or .it), there's a few stipulations such as it being 8 channels or less and certain sample constraints; let us know if you're having trouble with this one!

wildchip is of course anything at all (granted it's blippy)~ you can use this as an allgear format, but you can also impose your own constraints and submit any format not on the list (gameboy, sid, sms, 2x gameboy etc.)

Thanks! Now I see I was about to enter into the wrong category XD. Or rather, miss an opportunity to enter into a more exclusive category that my music fit better into.


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I am unfamiliar with a few of the categories. Simply out of curiosity could someone define all of them for me?


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Ok so, when I first create, write, compose what have you, a song, I don't like listening to it. I do like the song itself, but listening to it multiple times makes me, um "queasy" if you will. But after working with some other music for a week or two and going back to listen to the music, I enjoy it much more thoroughly and can listen to it multiple times enjoyably. I call this, as the title suggests the nostalgic effect. I find this to be true with all my music, and even music that isn't my own. Just wondering if this is true for anyone else or if I am just some weird anomaly.