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Literally was just scrolling down the page because I couldn't find JDDJ3J's artist name with CTRL-F but then I search my old artist name and this was alphabetically almost right after. KISMET.

Now I just need to track down the artist name. This is legit one of my favorite chiptune tracks. Glad it was preserved somewhere!


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I did try searching for Indonesian artists but his only presence as far as I can tell was on MySpace and that other 8bit music site that died off, both profiles are probably gone now. I think anyone who is familiar with JDDJ3J's discography would remember it, he's only done so many remixes. But if it helps, the original and remix were both a four on the floor techno style with a nice chord progression.


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Hello everyone, I just heard about MySpace losing a ton of songs from the early years due to a failed server migration and I remembered that there was one chiptune that was only on MySpace that I really liked and now I'm trying to track it down. It was from an Indonesian artist that I think passed away not long after uploading the track and JDDJ3J did a remix of it but it never got a formal release. Does anyone recall this song?

p.s. I tried tracking down all of JDDJ3J's remixes this morning but this one isn't coming up in any of my searches.

Decktonic wrote:

If you want to go that route... http://decktonic.com

good news everyone! after years of waiting patiently, the company that owned this domain has gone out of business and disappeared, so I was finally able to buy it! highlander!


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Hey all, GIF Jockey is now GIPHY GJ and there's versions for Windows & Linux available, check it out here:



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Bump! Please check this one out and let me know what you think smile


9 tracks
trap / bass / dubstep
made with inanoloop
free download

"Aaron" (via Love & Tonic) is the third album filled to the brim with bangers and positive vibes by the beatmaker/manchild Strong Suit.
Consume twice a day until feverish headthrashing/uncontrollable limb movement becomes regular. Most effective when taken during parties, card game tournaments with the family, babysitting, or casually at home on a weekend.




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OK @KeFF external display support for iPad is coming to the app store eventually:


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Oh hey also the OSX version is out now!

https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZS … &mt=12


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I'm gonna start working on it next week, it should be easy to do but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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OK so for the iPad, not yet. You can make the controls invisible so when you project they don't show but you can still control it. That being said, dual screen support is coming very soon smile so you'll have the UI on the iPad and playback on the projector.

For the Mac, you can use the keyboard to control it so it's not really necessary. I might do dual screen support eventually but for now you can hit 0 to hide the control UI and just play with the keyboard.


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You can connect to an external display and it will mirror to a projector or TV or whatever. But are you talking about something different?


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Hi all, for the past 7 months I've been working non stop on a new app that lets you sync GIFs to music. It plays any GIF at any tempo. It's like Traktor for GIFs.

You can play with it in your browser and download it for Windows / Linux / OSX here:


Gratuitous screenshot time:

Thanks for checking it out!

This video is like, 6 months old but I thought you guys would like it. Got some really cool glitch effects:


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decktonic & radionarcotix - 8-bit haunt

Thank you! It was a collaboration with radionarcotix, we've both been known to do some chiptunes in the past smile