Cassettes are starting to ship today. They sound great and look even cooler in these paint-splattered poly cases.

Download or buy on cassette here: … ho-chamber

I've been working on these two tracks for a while and finally have them ready for release. It's a bit of a stylistic shift for me to something that's a bit more like new wave with LSDJ and guitars. The single is also the first time I've recorded vocals.

Because I was pretty pleased with how the tracks turned out, I decided to do a limited cassingle run. There's 50 of them split between blue and green shells.

I hope you enjoy the songs... let me know what you think!


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It's that time again. … -christmas


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Thanks! Glad to hear someone enjoys it!


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Fuzzy Monsters is now on Spotify and other services. Bandcamp is still cheapest for a download, though.

Amazon: … s_sp_ps_dp
iTunes: … 1132549952
Google Play: … skvrn4m3qa


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14 tracks (+ 1 bonus track exclusive to Bandcamp and CD) of dark horror-movie inspired rock music made with guitars, LSDJ, assorted musical toys and horror movie dialogue samples.

The majority of tracks are remastered, remixed and re-recorded from my previous EPs and singles. The new tracks are some of the best work I've done, in particular the title track and "Accountability Doesn't Live Here Anymore."

It's $3 to download on Bandcamp. iTunes, Spotify, etc. coming soon.


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Yeah, the resistor should take care of the problem. I went through this recently. It actually looks much nicer with the lower brightness, imo.

You can download my Christmas EP and it comes with a SAV file:

However, it really didn't take too long to transcribe the basic melodies of these songs from sheet music to LSDJ. The hardest one was Wassail Song, but that's because it was in 3/4 time and I had to do the melody and the bass line to make it work.


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Just bumping this up, because it's back for Christmas 2015! Just like last year, I'm taking it down on Dec. 26.


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I'm in too. Here's some background:


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BeatScribe wrote:

I was really psyched about the retron5, but now I'm psyched about this!!! … escription … o-emulate/

Its just a Pi inside you so could do your own mods pretty easily.

I think the Game Kid looks cool too, but since it's just a Raspberry Pi that can run emulators, it's hardly the same as a Retron5, so not really an alternative.


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I think Kitsch is working on getting his GBC frontlight kits made to fit the GBA.

Does that Digitech pedal include an AC adapter?

STereochan wrote:

Absolutely retarded. Low resolution graphics look best on CRT monitors/screens, no idea why anyone would want to see them on a fucking HDTV. As for the unit itself, it looks tacky as hell and the price tag is ridiculous.

The HDTV upconversion costs extra and that also wasn't what the OP was asking about. He wasn't asking about what it looks like either. But the price is ridiculous... and yes, anyone thinking an HDMI port is going to improve NES graphics is going to be severely disappointed.

JaffaCakeMexica - The best I can assume is that if they're using "original hardware," the sound will be comparable to an original NES. I'm not going to pay $500 to figure out and I really don't think you should either.


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I'd bet you need to add a resistor to cut down on the power drain. I had to send my MGB back to a modder after getting a backlight installed because it had the same issues. As soon as I'd hit play, the contrast would shift. Once he put in a 220ohm resistor, the backlight is dimmer, but no contrast changes.

The problem isn't as much the voltage difference between rechargeable and alkaline, but that 2 AAA batteries struggle to put out enough power to keep the backlight at its brightest and keep the Game Boy running at the same time.

Of course, this is for an LED backlight. I have no clue what the EL panels will do, but I'd assume the power drain is about the same. I was turned off by them apparently adding some extra noise, so I stuck with LEDs.


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I can't, but these stores can:

You have to pay for an LSDJ license in order to have them flash it for you, though.