They were the first chiptune band I ever heard. I saw them while I was shooting video for a small punk festival in Parkersburg, WV and they were the band everyone was talking about. At that time, it was just two dudes playing with an iPod. It's been pretty amazing to watch them expand over the years.

You might like Horse the Band as well.


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Wow, that's really impressive. I love the sound from those floppy drives!

I really like "Kissed My Head." Great job!

I like the first track a lot. "You're Here" is really catchy too.

Also, from hearing "Lamb Patrol," I'm glad I'm not the only one incredibly amused by the animals kit included with LSDJ!


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1. Not me. I don't even know what MMLS is.
2. Go for it.
3. The only other way you can shower is wearing cut-off jean shorts.


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Teh D3th St4r wrote:

I took a pair of those Wiimote candy dispensers and made personal vaporizers.
This one's mine... Yes, it's pink, but I'm as queer as a three dollar bill, so I'm entitled to any damn color I like:

I then made this blue one for my buddy that I race Gravity Bikes with.

I needed something to do while I was poor and bored.
Oh! The trigger on the Wiimote is actually functional.

This might be the coolest PV/e-cig I've ever seen.


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I think a well-tailored suit or tuxedo is probably the only thing you can wear if you listen to chiptune. And I mean, the ONLY thing and it must be worn at all times. No pajamas for sleeping. No swim trunks for swimming. No showering naked.

Thanks! I actually just saw the release you posted earlier and was interested... but I'm browsing the forum at work, so that'll have to happen another day... or when I get fired for checking out message boards instead of working.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and the kind words. I'm still pretty new to LSDJ and chiptuning, so I don't really know what was going on in the early days.

Thanks! I hope it holds up for a longer listen!


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I like the first and last track. The cover songs one makes me wish someone had made a Reel Big Fish video game.


I posted a bit about this in the constructive criticism forum, but now that it's an official release, I decided to share it here.

I've just released a 5-track EP titled REASONABLY PRICED under the name Portopak. I named the "band" and CD after a scene from the Abel Ferrara movie THE DRILLER KILLER where the main character sees an incredibly cheap looking commercial on TV for a portable power pack called Porto-Pak advertised for $19.99 (which seems like a reasonable price for that equipment in 1970s dollars). I later decided to give the EP away for free on Bandcamp (, which makes the title even funnier to me. I also threw it up on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and Google Play, because I figured, "why not?"

Earlier this year, I discovered LSDJ and this forum, and it got me back into making music for the first time in over a decade. I've always had a fondness of the sounds and innovation chiptune artists have been able to create, but I wanted to use the 8-bit sound for something other than EDM. I liked the idea of making punk/noise rock-inspired music using the Game Boy Pocket I had from childhood to make the bass, drums and vocal melody for some basic riffs I came up with my minor talent on the guitar. Instead of vocals, I began cutting various scenes from my favorite public domain horror and sci-fi movies.

I really don't have much of a clue of how exactly to describe the sound or give any kind if RIYL suggestions, but I hope folks will check it out. I've had a great time making it and I've already started on a followup.

If you want it as free or name-your-price download or on a physical CD (well, Kunaki CD-R), head over to

Or you can get it elsewhere:
iTunes: … d690889139
Amazon MP3 Store: … s=portopak
Google Play: … bempfme5ym

I used a kind of shady-looking aggregator for all of those but Spotify, so who knows if I'll ever get paid, but at least I can wear being in the iTunes Store like a sad badge of honor for a while.


Hey, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. This site is an incredible resource and really helped me get started in toying around with LSDJ.

I wanted to get into chiptuning to create backing tracks I could play guitar over, since at this point, I don't have enough spare time to ever consider putting a band together and I really love the sound of chipmusic. I had recently found my GameBoy Pocket (I know, it has its critics, but it works fine for me) and ended up picking up a Drag N Derp cart before they disappeared from Kitsch Bent.

Over the past several months, I had been writing songs on both my guitar and LSDJ, usually figuring out notes on the guitar, then transcribing it in LSDJ. I recorded everything in GarageBand, though at least one track was made before I had my Derp cart and was exported from an emulator.

Well, after obsessing over mixing the guitars to blend right with the chiptune, I finally got 5 tracks I'm pretty happy with and put them together for an EP, titled "Reasonably Priced" - because it's a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp and a $4 Kunaki CD-R-on-demand. I'm going under the name Portopak, named after the infamous commercial scene from Abel Ferrara's THE DRILLER KILLER (I had sampled it in my first experiment with LSDJ and GarageBand, but it didn't fit in with the other music). In fact, the cover art for the EP is a screencap of that scene with the GameBoy "color" profile.

One thing I've decided is that I definitely want to make shorter tracks for any future recordings. 3+ minutes can be a bit grating for an instrumental with my limited musical ability.

I'm particularly proud of the first two tracks, "Take it Easy, Dracula" and "No More Nights," especially the latter, since I was curious what something very slow would sound like, as most chiptunes I've heard and the other tracks I made were pretty fast-paced. After cutting in some samples from CARNIVAL OF SOULS, it became way more haunting than I had imagined.