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Now someone else is gonna get the free exposure! I was totally just trying to ruin this thread so I could grab that sweet-ass contract for myself.

Same thing happened to me a few years ago when someone snatched up this sweet deal on a bridge in Brooklyn I was trying to get.

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Looks like folks over here were more receptive: http://www.reddit.com/r/chiptunes/comme … une_songs/

Is that your threadcrap comment? I love the logic of trying to prevent assholes from being assholes by being an asshole.

It was me. Not sure how rephrasing the original poster's message to emphasize that it might not be the best deal makes me an asshole, but okay.

Looks like folks over here were more receptive: http://www.reddit.com/r/chiptunes/comme … une_songs/

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Actually hes pretty cheap, refuses to use words liek "produced" etcetera. Hes the fucking man, I agree.

I'm pretty sure he's had a few "produced by" credits, but generally prefers to be credited as an engineer. According to Electrical Audio's booking page, he charges $750 a day in house, $1000 for travel - not counting studio rental and analog tape (because, y'know, he's Steve Albini and you better not even think about ProTools in his presence).

So, hands down the cheapest rate you could get on a record producer of his level. Of course, knowing how outspoken he is, I figure you also run the risk of having a hero tell you just how much your band sucks right to your face.

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...im pretty sure Albini made it for free. They were his buddies. It'd give him a lot of exposure. Etc.


I'd bet he at least waived his royalties, which is another reason he's a hero of the music world.

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That's an ok album, although I'm not a huge Nirvana fan.

I have to agree, altho I am a huge Nirvana fan. But its just an ok album, they shine brighter in In Utero.

In Utero's got Steve Albini's impeccable drum micing, so it always wins.

Eh, I wouldn't trust it. I can't play the Youku clip, but I have a gut feeling this is a GB Boy Color in a counterfeit case.

Besides, a quick googling shows that 88888 Chinese Yuan equals $14316.45. You can get a GBC with front light mod for much, much cheaper.

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It's the way it was introduced.

"I need 5 or 10 songs. No budget but free exposure for you, seize this chance ! Send your works to [email protected], I'll do a selection."

How could he be more scornful ?

Yeah. That's actually worse than I expected. "Seize this chance"? That's not the attitude to have when asking for help.

Which reminds me, I need someone to move a fold-out couch from my upstairs spare room to the downstairs living room. No budget but you can sit on the couch after you're done, seize this chance !

I mean, I've made microbudget movies and I completely understand what it's like to have nothing to offer musicians but exposure. However, I was approaching specific bands/musicians who were already doing alright financially or close friends - some of whom were also actors in the films.

But coming on a public forum for musicians and expecting to NOT be reamed over a stereotypical request for music without compensation? That's just ridiculous. I can't see the original post, but had he explicitly said, "Look, I know this bullshit happens all the time, but I really need help," I would've let him use a couple tunes. It's when people presume exposure is equal to compensation that irritates me.

I'd recommend LOOMIS. He's in Seattle. I'll PM you his email address.

Oh wow, that's a lot easier than I expected. I've been using only a Pocket or CGB most of my life, so I had no idea. I probably haven't even touched a DMG in almost 15 years.

To make a long story short, I broke my Game Boy Color last night, which I used for 2xLSDJ with my Pocket. I mostly used it for WAV samples, because it was a glitchy version that didn't play well with any pitch bends.

I've decided to just get a DMG finally, because I figured I could get by without a prosound for a while and get close to the same sound I was getting from the Color with the prosound mod.

I have one coming to a local used game store later this week, but I was wondering if there's any way I could make sure it's not CPU-02/03 before I buy it. I doubt they'll let me bring a tri-wing screwdriver in and take it apart before I pay, so other than bringing an LSDJ cart with me and seeing if it chokes on WAV samples, is there any way for me to know what I'm getting?

Wait, how many sound outputs does your DMG have? From the sounds of it, you have two 1/8" jacks and RCA jacks. That seems a bit unnecessary.

Anybody else come here just to see if their chiptune album names were mentioned?

I'm going to try the Kitsch frontlight once I get some time. As noted, it doesn't seem like any method is perfect, so I'm not bothering with the LOCA.

What I'm hoping is that installing a trimpot and dimming the light considerably will be a suitable fix for the washed-out look. I only use my GBC for LSDJ, so as long as it's legible, I'll be happy.

I'll report back with my findings once I get it done.

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Ive noticed the same improvement using a 1k ohm trim-pots on dmg, pocket and color.
I now use them almost exlcusively for this and being able to chage the brightness at will is awesome.

Are they the same ones you recommended for the Color frontlight kit? I got some today and they're really tiny... seems perfect for adding a brightness control.