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Me too. Top tier production.


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Hey guys !

After more than a year of work, my first complete NES OST is out !
19 tracks crafted with Famitracker, 2a03 only, in order to be played on the actual Twin Dragons NES cartridge !
Hope you'll enjoy it !

Grab it here ! (pay what you want)

Twin Dragons is a homebrew NES game, that won the NESDev coding competition 2016 as a demo. Soon after, a kickstartrer campaign was launched, and several hundreds backers helped this project to become a full-fledged game, playable on hardware.
More info here :
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14 … or-the-nes

Feel free to let me know what you think, CC much appreciated smile

Working with severely disabled children.

At least, they don't ask me why I'm making super mario covers, and I'm pretty sure they'd enjoy this music.


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I've bought several vinyl releases from Data Airlines. Never disappointed.

e.s.c. wrote:
PleaseLoseBattle wrote:

That was a joke. I'm struggling to compose a 10 tracks NES OST. It's been 6 months now. And deadline quite close.

no, i figured it was.. even in the days when i wrote music particularly quickly, it took a ton of work for me to finish up 9-12 track albums in 28 days (for the RPM challenge, not sure if that still exists). talking where i'd work on the music for ~4 hrs/day after work mon-friday, then 8-12 hours a day on the weekend

Exactly. Same here. Just a 1 minute loop (for a classic platformer, nothing fancy) takes me ~10hrs. And now I'm stagnating because work won't let me have any spare time to go on.
So I can't imagine how someone would agree to do this.

e.s.c. wrote:
PleaseLoseBattle wrote:

1 song a day, easy.


That was a joke. I'm struggling to compose a 10 tracks NES OST. It's been 6 months now. And deadline quite close.

1 song a day, easy.

Thank you guys !

MattD wrote:

Do you do that live? I think that'd be really cool to see in person.

Yes, this is our current live scenography smile


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Nice jam, I really got into it

Hey guys,

We just released a new videoclip!
The visuals, the scenography and the vid production were made by Moritz, our VJ.
Hope you'll like this one (the first one is 3 years old now, so we felt we needed some fresh stuff smile ).


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I absolutely love this.


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Love this release !


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Hi guys.

Looking for a second MidiNES to complete my live setup, in the case someone has one picking up the dust.
I'm located in France.

Hit me up if interested via PM or on this topic.
Thanks !


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We use this for our livesets : http://aestesis.eu/elektronika/
Free and intuitive.

Yes, these tracks are crazy.


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Ingenious use of the DPCM, I enjoyed this release very much.
This + art by punimelt = instantly added this to my cassette collection wink