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Hiems Exanimationes Incidamus

Listen & Download Now!


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SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:


yes it tiss :3


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haha thats fuckin sweet!!


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haha thats fuckin sweet!!

I will totally take one man, really like the 2nd one


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Lately been looping -

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
Leftover Crack - Rock The 40oz
MisfitChris's Blipfest set
Prince - Controversy


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hahaha, this is fucking great man


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bump for greatness

had to file a paypal claim, got my money back but it literally had to come out of Karry's pocket...


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highly interested in the white one


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Anonymouse wrote:

Regardless of the situation, having to wait 2.5months without the situation being resolved is disappointing.

yea, understandable

Anonymouse wrote:

Since return posting the item to the seller on 27/02/14, I have sent 3 emails to them without reply or refund. This leads me to believe that they are actively avoiding me or their customer service is extremely poor. I have been contacting this seller for 2 and a half months with this issue and it is yet to be resolved. They have my money and now also the item I have returned.

Not quiet sure, I placed a order on the 28th, and canceled the 5th cuz it was taking too long to send &
I wasnt going to be here to get the items.. still waiting to even get a "refund email" but from what Kerry was saying they are doing alot
of switching and what not...kinda aggravating but understandable, may look else where tho

hurry up spring..!

Stern Fucking Zeit vs vile_plume


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Limitbreak wrote:

[quoteHow are you liking that Boss SP-505? When I was in the market for a sampler I almost got one but opted for a Roland SP-808 I found for dirt cheap.

its actually a SP-404 & I really dig it, have had it for a few years & still finding new things todo with it


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updated a few things, made a little "busk desk"