Best PLB album yet, imo.

I very much enjoy chipmusic in various styles, but I listen to more music that's non-chip probably. I have more musical influences that are non-chip as well, most of them being guitar rock bands.

I'm more a fan of composition in general tbh.

cheapshot wrote:
DBOYD wrote:

Japanese class at university, work, and soooo much music writing.







(ok honestly on a scale of 1-10 how did I do????? also I'll be honest I could only fully understand the last line of yours haha. practice makes perfect.)

Japanese class at university, work, and soooo much music writing.


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Princedmorn wrote:

Thank you so much for this! Downloaded everything last night but test it all out tomorrow (my day off work). Do you happen to know if it accepts midi controllers?
Also, another silly question to ask. If I have LSDJ and the SNES adapter for gameboy cartridges, will I be using the SNES sounds?

LSDJ on a flash cart will still operate the same way if connected to a Super Gameboy (I assume that's what you mean by adapter?) as it would if you ran it on your computer or from an actual Gameboy. So you won't be using SNES sounds, still GB sounds.

edited: for clarification


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Ask some of the Swedish chip guys? Maybe Nordloef knows, I think he's from around there.


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The ones that I first discovered/listened to heavily/inspired me to write chip were:
Fighter X, Electric Children, IAYD, Sabrepulse, Anamanaguchi, Trey frey, and more I'm sure

The ones that heavily inspire me to this day are:
Fearofdark, Hertzdevil, and more

Imaginary, I will have something for you by Jan 1st, possibly sooner.

Also I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic spin on your standard compilation. going a step further and acting as a chronicle of sorts for the artists and their music during the year they were writing it is a great idea that I wish was done more. Big props.

Oklahoma City, OK, checking in......
...yyyyyyeah. It's still just me. Eventually, I'd like for OKC to act as a bridge of sorts between the south and midwest and beyond. All in due time.


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NES styled VGM done right. Ebert & Roper give 2 thumbs WAYYYYYYY UP

I'm totally adding Houstontracker 2 to my large list of trackers to play with after my LSDj album is released. Looks and sounds great, irrlichtproject!!

Zan-zan-zawa-veia -- Mist Slug

crazy good set, I was definitely not ready for that level of heavy.

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Ok, two things:

-Release this on vinyl or cassette
-Bring us to the US to tour with you guys

^^^ this.

Good compositions, Pocket Fox ^_^ enjoying the EP so far!


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Great music!! Delightfully quirky and fun. "Meadow, Half Asleep" is my favorite so far smile I'll definitely be using the sound font at some point in the future, too.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, what program did you use to compose the album?

The video and song are killer, very excited to hear more smile