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This is fkn sick as always.


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Byte.clone wrote:

Thanks !! More is coming, next step will be making gig-ready small, portable system of this, solo + hoping to play with Joss live at some point smile !

If you ever get any video of this I would love to see this release envisioned live!


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This is great. To me, releases like this embody what excited me about "chipmusic" in the first place.


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damn if I wasn't on the other side of the world I'd defs consider picking up that tb and potentially the nanoloop


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This is excellent.


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Gigandect wrote:




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So, from what I gathered, there was never a cart that he was making. It was a PC based tracker that could export a rom file for the snes. Basically, he was making it with another guy from the Aus demoscene (I think ferris?), and iirc they needed to rework quite a few elements of the tracker for it to function properly for everyone else to use. These are yet to be fixed because life does it's things, and when people have jobs and responsibilities and live in separate cities, it's hard for them to work on software together.

pselodux wrote:

haven't had to exclude anything (well, except for maybe atomsmasha's submission "the nanoloop song" which is 10 minutes of the default nanoloop2 beep)

omg such censorship how dare u insalt an artist's vision like that this is what happen when mullenials and the PC police take over smh


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Always love new Jellica, and this is certainly no exception.


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Yeah okay, I never knew it worked on the go, but awesome. And fair calls, I'll have to jump on that then. Thanks everyone!


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Yeah every PSP I've found around so far is in the 100-150 (aud) range or if cheaper is a street model. I'll keep looking then. Is there any model of psp that doesn't work with piggy?


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Surprisingly hard to find a decent PSP around at a reasonable price. Definitely keeping an eye out but thought it would be worth checking here too.


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Looking at getting into piggy tracker on a handheld, but finding it hard to come across a reasonably priced unit.
Let me know if you have anything! Located in Australia and happy to pay for postage if it's not too costly.


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Thanks man! Glad you like it!


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Just released an EP of Nanoloop 2 material, all of which was made from start to finish today! Varies a lot from an ambient opening track, to a few bass heavy tracks, and some garage and house to top it off.


Download Here


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It's highly likely that there's an issue with the SID chip. From what I've heard they're super sensitive and can easily be burnt out, so I guess the solution would be to grab one off ebay and chuck it in and see if it works. Alternatively it could just be a solder joint issue somewhere down the chain, so best to open it up and have a look at the board. If the board looks clean then it's likely a SID issue.