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I am strongly...STRONGLY considering this.

Sweet! I'd love to see Mavis Concave.


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Jazzmarazz wrote:
Limitbreak wrote:

Added Yamaha FB-01

Ohhh...this thing is awesome! I might talk with you sometime shortly...

Yeah they're sweet. I don't mind parting with it though. If I ever want another one I can just go pick up the other one in the pawn shop. I'm the only one in this rinky dink town that buys their synths. I think the array of rackmount gear they have has been sitting there since 2011.


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kineticturtle wrote:

Just gonna throw out there for anyone who might buy this fella's rockband controller that I can tell you how to do a couple easy mods to this to put a damper switch on the handle and permanently put the touchstrip in pitch bend mode (you have to hold the button down, normally or it does mod wheel). Makes it pretty dang nice for live performances.

Sweet! I didn't know you could do that.


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Added Yamaha FB-01 and Rockband MIDI Controller.

I know some of you have Volca Basses. I've ran into a bit of an issue. I'll quote the post I made on the Korg Forums since I posted this there as well...Interestingly enough I've received no response. Any input would be appreciated.

Limitbreak wrote:

So I picked up a Volca Bass not long ago and have ran into a slight issue. My Volca is fluctuating the modulation of my notes when all of the knobs except the cutoff are set to a zero value. I am using Ableton live to control my Volca. I've also cleared out all the sequencer data by holding function and pressing step 16. I'm playing a very basic beat and bassline, a bass note in between every kick drum in a 4/4 beat.

To my understanding and research, it is due to KeyTracking and the Volca Bass refreshing the cutoff value with ever incoming MIDI note. I've read that there is a way to turn it off but have not been able to figure out how to do so. It just seems silly that the Volca wouldn't be able to play a solid, consistent bass note...there must be a way to fix it.


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Ease of Use

The USB-Boy connects to your computer via a mini-USB cable (the same we use for the EMS USB carts) and to your DMG with a link cable. The device is very easy to use and I was able to get the drivers installed and running with Ableton Live in under 5 minutes. The manual is a single sheet of paper and though it might not sound like much, it provides you with all of the information you need to use the USB-Boy.


I purchased my USB-Boy from Thursday Customs for $80.00 and $7.00 shipping. In comparison to similar products, this is the most affordable Gameboy MIDI device I have ever seen.


There are two versions of the USB-Boy available. The ones with white cases and white LEDs are available at thursdaycustoms.com and the ones with the black cases and blue LEDs are available at store.kitsch-bent.com. As far as I am aware, both versions had a run of 50 units each. I am not positive if more batches will be made in the future.


I will admit that I was quite skeptical about the durability of the USB-Boy due to it's small size and open case design. Much to my delight, the unit is well constructed and feels sturdy. Now I'm not recommending that you abuse your USB-Boy but I would imagine that it could handle being dropped and being tossed in a gig bag. I'm personally opting to keep it in a padded pencil case or small plastic box during my travels.

Sound Quality

N/A as the USB-Boy is a MIDI device.


For being as small as it is, the USB-Boy is a sleek little unit. It's simple and to the point. I use it mainly to send clock signals to my DMG from Ableton and the LED's on the USB-Boy blink in time with the music. It's a nice little touch and makes my studio setup (which already has numerous other things that light up and blink) even more fun to look it.


The unit measures 1.75" x 1.1" wide by 0.75" tall...so it's quite tiny. I don't think that anyone would have difficulty adding it to their setup.


Again, because of its small size, the USB-Boy can fit in your pocket. The unit gets power via the USB cable and does not require any additional power source or wall adapter.


N/A as the USB-Boy is powered via USB

MIDI Clock, DIN Sync, Clock Trigger

It can be used to send and receive MIDI data and clock sync signals to and from a DMG and your favorite music software.

Personal Experiences

I love my USB-Boy. It's very easy to use and is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of gear.

I've ordered from Nonfinite about half a dozen times. Never had an issue. Just putting it out there.

e.s.c. wrote:

oh it arrived, my mail carrier is just a moron. the other package was supposed to be signed for, but he never asked me to (that is after he came back 5 minutes later with it after bringing the fb01, which he'd insisted was the only package he had for me last night)... 2nd mixer and fb01 are both here and safely installed in my setup now

Sweet dude, let us know how you like it when you get a chance.

herr_prof wrote:

donk rock


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Bump for added pic of teal CGB.

Also open to trades and offers for non-chip related gear. I'm pretty much set when it comes to DMG's, Arduino's, carts and NES stuff...

e.s.c. wrote:

i might have to hurt my mail carrier.. according to tracking they delivered mine half an hour ago, but not to my zip code

Yeah that's never a good sign.

Thanks for the responses guys but like I said, I checked the detune settings in the patches and they were all set to 0, then I tested the Bass Bot with a bass note sample playing at C3 and the TT-303 was fine.

If there is a way to fix the FB-01, I don't know how to do it, nor do I think I have the technical ability.

I think the FB-01 has just fallen out of callibration. I'm not showing any global detune on the back of the synth. I tested the Bass Bot with a sample playing at C3 and it checked out.

Sad day for my little FM synth.

Is anyone else finding that  the FB-01 is a bit...off key? I'm using it with my TT-303 Bass Bot (TB-303 clone) and every single patch I load into it seems off key. I'm admittedly hoping its the FB-01 because I don't want to blame my new $600 synth...

I've checked the "detune" settings for the various patches and they are all set to zero. Any insight?


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Bump. Added prosound modded Gameboy Colors.