Added black DMG, working Commodore, modded Gamecube, GBA SP headphone adapter and Belkin Rockstar.


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I hate to bump this but has anyone heard from Cory? I haven't seen him on the forums in ages and would like to check the status of the painting I purchased back in November or possibly a refund.

UPDATE: FB-01 and one of the spare C64 power bricks have sold.

I have someone else inquiring about a C64 power brick as well...I was trying to keep it a complete kit but if it needs to be pieced out, so be it. I need more space in my studio. All of this stuff is just cluttering up my workstation...Plus I came to the realization I'm not going to be learning to track on the C64 anytime soon.

Hopefully one day.

stargazer wrote:

Dude I am freaking tempted by the FB-01.

Right? They're really cool once you start loading new sysex patches into them.

Spunky Brewster wrote:

Its the full power supply for a c64? If so, I will buy it off ya.

Yeah, I'll post the pics when I get home from the office. I have a tan one and a black one.

Bump for price drop on FB-01, addition of a working Commodore and a Commodore power brick.

I enjoy harsh noise on occasion. Every now and then I'll plug a mic into a chain of pedals and see what happens. It's nothing I take seriously, I rarely ever record any of it.

zerolanding wrote:

All the other carts play in one go (fresh connector). All the commands are responsive, but cause a crash after a few moments. Every time I hit the reset button, the graphics and color pallet are further garbled. It is an sxrom 512kb .

I get the garbled graphics on occasion but all I do is reset the NES and it seems to correct itself. I've never experienced a crash either...hm...

e.s.c. wrote:

well, part of the point i was making wasnt just about originality, but also using chip instruments with a wide range of other instruments (there's a bit more guitar & chip stuff now, at least)... so if people have suggestions of people writing non-dance stuff with chip gear that is mixed with other gear they can send em to me...i guess i basically thought that chip would become less of thing on its own and just seep into other music, since its really just another type of digital synth...

I feel like a part of the problem you're describing since I use chip gear in conjunction with drum machines, samplers and synths while adhering to the happy hardcore genre. If it helps at all, I've been a happy hardcore DJ for 13 years so it's all I've ever known really.

I'm not taking offense at all by the way, just chiming in for conversation's sake.

Sadly, I might never go back to doing pure chip but I plan on always having my gear integrated with my current setup of drum machines, samplers, and synths.

I'm bumping this out of desperation before I either throw this thing out the window or toss it back up on Ebay from which it came.


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PM'd again.


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egr wrote:

Note that if you add a case it's the same price.

I'm assuming that this would fit in a standard Nintendo cart case yeah? And Kitsch, would we have the option of buying just the board when you get them in stock?


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Some cool stuff going on here.


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