I figured I'd bump this because knowledge is power. I've purchased three of these inexpensive USB to MIDI cables from this guy and have had nothing but great results:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/230838298743?ss … 1497.l2649

I've been able to send clock signals, send MIDI to various pieces of gear and send Sysex data. Just thought I'd help if anyone else is doubting cheap cables.


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- Stock NES with Commodore monitor running Pulsar
- 2x modded PILs running LSDJ
- Yamaha FB-01 FM Synth (Sega Master System chip)
- TT-303 Bass Bot for the ACID
- Roland SP-808 sampler
- Boss DR-880 drum machine
- Ross Mixer
- MXR+ Distortion pedal
- Biyang Baby Boom Tri-Reverb pedal (Not pictured)

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

I'll warn that saving your patches to the FB01 itself has been a real issue for me. I've got mine saved to my hardrive and load them up when I've got it connected.

Mine saves info just fine. I would imagine that you either need to flip the switch on the back of the FB-01 to enable the battery for saving. If that doesn't work you might have to open it up and replace the battery. That's my amateur opinion.

Does anyone know if it's possible to pick and choose voices from various banks and compile your own in an editor? I think it's possible on the unit itself but navigation with these things is painstaking at best.

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

Picked mine up for like £30 a few years ago.Editing can be a complete nightmare, even with the editor. If you use Midiyoke you can set yourself up to edit in real time in ableton. Nightmare though, the editor doesn't seem to like windows 8.

That said, this thing definitely has the coolest bass presets ever!

Here's a WIP I've been doing recently using the FB01 for the bass.
https://soundcloud.com/i-ningen-i/new-c … -2/s-MeLlo

Admittedly I haven't crafted my own patches with this thing yet, I've just been sifting through this endless sea of banks I found on that site I posted about. I'm hoping to either find or make some more "synthy" type instruments. It seems like the majority of these are the FB-01 imitating real life instruments.


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UnderCoverDisOrder wrote:

updated a few things, made a little "busk desk"

How are you liking that Boss SP-505? When I was in the market for a sampler I almost got one but opted for a Roland SP-808 I found for dirt cheap.

e.s.c. wrote:

cool, i ordered one the other day.. just waiting for it and a few other things to arrive...

I picked mine up from a pawn shop for $60. They had two in the dual rack mount case but I opted to just pick up the one unit and see how I like it...now I'm debating going back and picking up the other one. I'm not sure how useful it will be since these things can handle eight instruments playing monophonically but we'll see. 

I'm in no rush though. I live in a small town and I know nobody here other than myself will be buying it anytime soon.

Massive necro-bump but I figured I would post this here. I picked up a FB-01 a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoy it for basslines. I also found this website contained a massive amount of useful patch banks.


I actually forgot that the Virtual Boy existed until this post was made...


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herr_prof wrote:

GB SP in Kitsch DMG Shell with Prosound, Arduinoboy, various clock mods, and enough room on the bottom for audio, link and midi out cables?

That's certainly something I would buy. I love my DMGs but a lot of times I find the extra CPU power to be insanely helpful and liberating.


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I'll see if I can set up my NES tonight and type out some of my Pulsar patches. I've made a few pulse kicks, crashes, high hats, leads and whatnot.

Pulsar is a great program. I need to start using it more again. I'm personally holding out hope for MIDI integration so I can use it with my other pieces of hardware. Thats why I haven't been using it that much, I've been so wrapped up in playing with my new toys I've acquired over the past month...


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I was able to craft some nice, aggressive gabber and hardcore kicks with a cheap FAB Metal pedal.

anthrium wrote:

the touch screen on the tb-3 is overkill. why does everything need a touch screen? ugghh hmm

That was my take on it also.

Kitsch is a gentleman and a scholar.


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I started rearranging my desk on my lunch break. I've added more gear recently...this is just the lower tier. I'm gonna finish putting it all together when I get home tonight.

2 DMGs
2 LSDJ Carts
TT-303 Bass Bot
Yamaha FB-01 FM Synth
MXR+ Distortion Pedal
DR-880 Drum Machine
Ross Mixer
M-Audio Monitors

Not Pictured:
Unmodded NES running Pulsar
Commodore Monitor
2x Commodore breadbins

I personally opted for a Bass Bot over the TB3. In my opinion it was worth every penny.

thursdaycustoms wrote:

DO NOT buy that kind of cable. It will basically only send sync. No data. They don't fully work. You need to spend closer to $30 and up unfortunately. I would recommend the M-Audio Uno:

I really like M-Audio products.