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Cool, then its cheap. smile

Yeah I picked mine up for $40 at a pawn shop. It was kind of risky because I was basing my purchase off a product review a guy posted on Youtube. He was playing it through a bass guitar and I thought to myself, "You know, that kinda sounds similar to a 303..."

It's not perfect but I think it was worth the investment.

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

¿Is that behringer?

Yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned that.

I figured I'd post this here since its semi-relevant. I was able to get some very convincing and satisfying 303-esque sounds by feeding square and saw tones from LSDJ through though this pedal. As you can see it has a knobs for frequency, decay, resonance and various settings for waveforms it puts out. I really wish the resonance worked better because it doesn't get as squelchy as an actual 303 but the decay works well. I was really satisfied with the amount of bass it puts out also. With the direct and effect knobs you can adjust the levels of the Gameboy input and effect pedal output. I was having a blast last night creating hybrid chip/acid sounds.


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But what is it...?


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I saw them for sale for $20 bucks on some site I stumbled onto yesterday. I don't know how legit the site was though.


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I know, it all sounds absurd but the thought of NES sound expansion got me thinking about how it can be "practically" implemented.


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I hate to necrobump but I'm very intrigued by this ENIO board. I would kill for an audio expansion on my NES. Does anyone have any experience with using a VRC6 or VRC7 in them?

As I understand the ENIO project it's a breakout board for the expansion port of the NES. There are plans for other hardware but it's still a WIP.
  As to expansion audio, I have seen a simple mod to the exp port pins/mother board connections to route the cart audio to the on board audio path. I know PowerPak users can take advantage of this, but it has limited use with official NES game titles.

I spent a good part of my day researching NES audio expansion and quickly found out a whole bunch of things...I saw people with Powerpaks that were able to emulate chip expansion when they use Famitracker, people talking about audio expansion here on the forums using the ENIO, others modding Powerpaks with additional chips for sawtooths on the NES with subpar results, others like No Carrier reported they had no issues with it.

Just a whole bunch of options and possibilities. I know that in order to utilize chip expansion, first you need software that allows it and as far as I know, Famitracker is the only program that allows you to write for additional NES chips...I don't use Fami but I'm trying to gather as much knowledge as possible.

What I'm getting at here is it's probably unrealistic to see an update of Pulsar that adds FM synth abilities, but some of these chips allow the NES to use more pulse channels. I'm not saying I wan't Neil to jump to my expectations but I would love to see the NES's triangle channel bypassed for a more useable third pulse channel. I know nothing of coding trackers, but all the channels in Pulsar share the same instrument editor page...In my mind it would seem like a realistic thing to code Pulsar to allow a third pulse with the right expansion.


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I hate to necrobump but I'm very intrigued by this ENIO board. I would kill for an audio expansion on my NES. Does anyone have any experience with using a VRC6 or VRC7 in them?


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metai wrote:

Recently, while browsing Taobao, I stumbled upon a weird one:

(The bottom middle one. The bottom right one is obviously a clone, possibly of the Kongfeng variation.)
It is definitely not a regular blue PIL, they had black decals and black buttons. Maybe a very, very well made clone? Anyone familiar with this variant?

That blue shell is very pretty but probably an aftermarket shell/knockoff clone. The purple one on the bottom right is just gorgeous. I've seen other clones like it but in grey shells...I've never seen a purple one. I'm quite partial to purple.

I wear contacts and personally I find the CGB screen to be my favorite when set to kiko/cute.

Edit: Spelling.


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I have no idea what it is but I like it.


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bigchip wrote:

I am affraid so, postage for some stuff would be allot of monies.

Shucks, that SD2IEC was looking really tempting.


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I'm glad to see that others are also looking for NES to GB or NES to NES sync options. I love the NES's pulse and noise channels but the "problem" I'm running into right now is it's triangle. I'm finding myself trying rough it up and layer it into my songs (which are very much hard dance/hard trance influenced) without it's smooth characteristics clashing with my hard freq'd and heavily commanded pulse channels...


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Theta_Frost wrote:

Really the only two things I'd want are

A. switch the select and B buttons (to more closely mimic LSDJ)
B. do away with the transport screen in favor of a screen map ala LSDJ

Unfortunately, from my correspondence with Neil I don't think either are an easy fix.

I kind of felt the same way when I first started messing around with the program but now that I've been using it for a little more than a week the navigation doesn't bother me anymore.


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Updated list to include ROM patcher for drumkits since the NES is capable of very clean, punchy samples in my least in comparison to the Gameboy's abilities.

A man can dream.

I plan on sending in an app in about a months time. Hope that's not too late. Just need to finish up some material.