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great stuff!!


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Hi guys,

popping out of my hard drive, here is the ''one day oh yeah we will finish it'' stuff i've started with my punk sister (on vocals)... aim being to perform with 1 GB+1NDX400 for samples and scratches... and a ''no future'' type of myrics and screamings behind...

well... still waiting on the vocals lines/proper prod... and now working on other stuff... so i just drop it raw, if you fancy...

(full bass speakers are required)

https://app.box.com/s/i9gbq15zj6amgn00o8awb69ry5lv1nys (Sveglio!)

https://app.box.com/s/wptpe5vw6zjiq320jbxczg7rxck3tnhe (KKrikk)

https://app.box.com/s/4uy33vkffcdxlawy94wwe6hh6m9dw969 (Mean Machine²)

well, i guess it brings the choice between pokemon/streetfighter2/fifa/nanoloop/tennis/lemmings/zelda/mystic quest/mario golden coins... on a more challenging level smile

anyway, i did not realize there was no way to save things on the EMS side B (but got the updated lsdj with all safe old files, on side A... whouhou!!)... pokemon concept, then explodes in mid-air... meaning streefighter2 (or worms) start to suggest that my 6h train a week will look really pathetic from now on...

... you win!
... perfect!

... sigh...

works great, thanks a million!!!!! \o/

(anyway of transfering more than 1 rom on side B though ?)

hi guys,

just grabed this new laptop running on W10... (sob...)

tried all the above many times but never figured things out...
i'd deadly need some kind of key into my ems card for 2 main (and very important) reasons:

1: updating my old lsdj version and create some new tracks aiming a soon coming punk live session (i'll be the drum/bass machine man, with 1lsdj)
2: get to an end to this cristal pokemon thing once for all (and then i can die)

any will to support ?


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hi, will find some examples, thanks for the answer

i've thought about the R+E command in a table, but kind of hopped there was a more direct way (there never is, i have to get used to that!)

i got my bass multi-effect that would obviously do the job... but it would be cheating, would'nt it ? tongue

i start to be confortable with bass (PU1+Wav) and beats (Wav+noise) and have to add some stuff now!
this PU2 chan is not the most funky one in LSDJ


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hi peeps,

does anybody have some link/idea/tutorial on making some cool DUB keyboard on LSDJ (preferably on Pulse2), with this particular delay thing they always use ?


this slap bass track is the best chip thing i've heard for ages oO

feel much more concerned about gorillas, whales or bees, to be honest...

shit... i'm a treehugging hippie... gasp... :'(

cool interview!


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Invisible Robot Hands wrote:

I use the noise channel for replicating scratches. Table trickery.

VERY interested, could you may be develop a bit ?

thanks for the idea sketchman wink


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good tip, will try out, cheers


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hi guys,

sorry for bringing this dead thread back to life (it's aliiiive, it's aliiiive!!!)

i'd do need some PU2 ''scratching'', and some other weird/scary sound effects, screams, dissonant stuff, etc... NO WAVE SAMPLES (wave chan is somehow busy already)

it's for some chip trip-hopish track along with a ukulele and a female singer

i've tried the table above... and surely missed something on how to use it, because what goes out is everything but convincing...

if you have some tips or suggestions...


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I've found the solution of having punctual colaborations projects (this kind of meet the ''deadline'' concept)

even juste a bass loop or, a 16bars beat or whatever...
having people ''waiting'' on you is very motivating and push to migliorate the technical aspect (more than just ''working for yourself'' IMO)

without the 2 current (very humble) things I have in progress (1 beat+bass for a theater show and 1 full base for a funny trip-hop tune) I would have left this nonsense lsdj thing behind already smile


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on my phone as voice memos. Whistling, humming, whatever. That way I can browse 'em whenever I'm in the mood of composing and just port it to the tracker or play it on the keyboard.

this too, but I never have the recording gear with me, and forget 99.9% of them...

I usually find mélodies fooling on a flute, or a guitar, a uke, a bass or whatever

I've noticed that ''good ones'' come back naturally, even after a while... once i have it in the head, I play with it with different instruments to hear how it sounds

and then try to make it on LSDJ
and fail...

and play some mystic quest or zelda on the B side of the card smile

I've gone caustic

http://www.singlecellsoftware.com/caustic (you got a ''chiptune maichine'' on the rack)

and spc sketchpad (fantastic way of mixing lsdj lines on a ''classy nanoloop'' way)

and then Dj scratch-something (hoping to add some funny scratchy cartoons quotes into my stupid tunes)


and actually went back to lsdj, leaving the galaxy for angry birds and portable [strike]porn[/strike]...eu, no... entertainment smile

I guess i'm a Wave kicks addict...