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PM sent.


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Is there room for one more? I'd like to contribute to this collaboration.


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Just finished the track for Virus Tunes.

I wrote the music on Monday 3/16, recorded the bass on Tuesday 3/17, recorded the drums on Wednesday 3/18, recorded the rhythm and lead on Thursday 3/19, mixed and mastered the track on Friday 3/20. The title just came to me and thought it sounded good. Hope everyone takes a listen.

https://chipmusic.org/Lack+of+Sound/mus … anarchists


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I'm so down with this.

There has been more time to work on music lately.

This is an older list:



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Hello, everyone. I just released my first album. It's called Celestial Radio. Hope you enjoy it.

Perhaps they'll be a physical release.

If chipmusic is loved it can never die.

Here's some info on differences between the Nintendo handhelds--hopefully it helps:



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Hello, everyone. My fourth EP was released and it's called Over the Lotus. Hope you can take a listen to one or all of the six tracks--and it is free to download.

The EP is also released by Nog Records and there is a very cool cassette available as well:
http://nogrecords.tictail.com/product/n … -the-lotus


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I'll give it a shot. Hope it's heavy enough smile


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PM Sent.

SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

I'd say 31st december. Too soon?

The 31st feels like a good date.

I'd love to contribute. I have a song in mind, but I hope it's fast and trashy.


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I'm really digging it. Good job.

I'm very interested, but I don't have a Facebook account!!! sad

Sent PM.


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This sounds very interesting. Hope someone can help you Deer President.