Open mic nigHts are usually for singer songwriters hence the whole microphone thing, it ain't open decks...

CS wrote:

That said in New Zealand here most acts and performances  usually just feature a guitarist and reggae music so it's pretty different to of played electronic music!

What the fuck are talking about?

Damn, I wish someone would of got victory road and new Avatar picture...


U r all a much of morons, get off the net and write sum tunes and shut the fuck up

There are 8765 hours in one year
8 is commonly used as a symbol for infinity


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The original the best


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You are the realist mutha Fuka on this website and this release is way over the top awesome dude!!!!!


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These are the first tracks I ever made in lsdj ! Made in 2006, released in 2008

Maybe OP should judge " the state of the online scene" by his own interaction with it??

Seriously ...  ....    ...?

Laugh out loud



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So I see most of you think I'm joking.
But this is serious , it happened again last night, and what's more I woke my partner and she saw and heard it too!
We are both tottaly freaked out, I thought i was going mad, and I had not told my partner for fear of looking crazy, but now she too has seen it with her own eyes...

Does anyone know of this kind of thing happening with any kind of videogame console in the past?

We are getting in a medium later this week

Until then any advice?


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My dmg01 sits next to my bed, recently I have not had the batteries in it as they are being used in my sons glow worm toy, last night I woke up and my screen was glowing And the Nintendo logo that appears on bootup was replaced by a simalir logo with the words "intend No" .
An awful high pitch scream like tone was coming from the speaker, I checked the battery compartment and sure enough the batteries were not in there  but the screen was still glowing and the sound was still coming from the speakers, the screen then started to flash in a simaliar way to what it does when I trigger the clock mod on it and then (I feel strange telling you guys this but I'm freaking out here and need some help) I am sure it said my IRL name...... But I can't be sure, the screen was definitely on and there was sound coming out, the logo was different though.... Maybe it didn't say my name , maybe I was just freaking out... I don't know.... It then turned off. just

Has any thing like this happened to any of you dudes? I find it super hard to believe that it even happened to me I feel like I am losing my mind....

Can the circuit board store enough power to make this kind of thing happen with out the batteries being present? (screen light up, speaker make sound) I can't be 100% sure of it saying my name but everything else definitely  happened...

Simaliar stories? Advice? Help!!!!!!!!!!


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TSC wrote:

Do you not sell circuit bend gear and sell it?