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Classical music and chiptune. It's like bringing two of the best things together. I did a brief search and I don't think this sort of topic has been done before, but if it has been done moderators can lock it I guess.

One great example, similar to Wendy Carlos:

Are there any composers out there that make classical music covers or original songs with chip sounds? I think I remember some releases, so there must be a few.

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You should listen to Tomita. back in the 70's he was making classical music on vintage synths. His version of Holst's 'The Planets' is particularly tasty and inspired my third album "Requeim for a Dying Star" which you might also enjoy! ;(
(That's a sad winky face. It's all the rage now.) … dying-star

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HertzDevil's Chiptune rendition of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 "Pathetique"

And, my favorite classical chip piece, Danimal Cannon's cover of "Moonlight Sonata" (though the song in the OP is pretty damn good).


lft has some on his site, for example.


I'm working on transcribing some Philip Glass into LSDJ.

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This is pretty cool excerpt of the famous Bach piece, but it is meant more as tech demo for the pianocade.


How come no one has mentioned Brad Smith's Classic Chips?


really? no one beat me to bringing up dj scotch egg?


Linus Akesson's "Reverberations": … /index.php

4mat beat me to it.


a large amount of the older c64 games have classical music covers.  for example try:

Bach's two part invention no.14
Rachmaninov's Prelude in C#
Moonlight Sonata

Moog covered a bunch of Bach's choral work

There are usually a few in the older commercial tools too, such as Electrosound

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We play Tocata and fugue in Dminor , live. I also stole a few notes here and there  to make this

viciousitaly wrote:

I'm working on transcribing some Philip Glass into LSDJ.

Philip Glass is a power bottom


Define classical.
Because Tetris might be considered as well.
Koribjenki (or what is it called?) is an old folkloric song, but arranged to opera, adopted by the rad army choir and later adopted by Tetris. Same goes for kalinka, used in some versions of tetris.

Some guy has a requiem for a dream remix I found really great (think he was Italian).

Also: tons of respect for Divag for a baroque song on "Medievol" Amazing track. But I don't know if it's a remix or not. It's insanely good either way.

Ps: I meant to write "Red Army Choir", but I thought my mistype Rad army choir was quite comical.


i made this version of Sergei Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights piece from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. … er-version

influenced by the music from a c64 game:


Rainwarrior has 11 videos up on his youtube of NES classical arrangements:

HertzDevil and Mex have won the covers section of the last FamiCompo with their awesome cover of Piano Sonata No.8 "Pathetique" in C Minor on NES: