Hey all! I've been making chip with LSDJ for a long time now, but get mixed reviews. I'm hoping I can get some thoughts on what to work on or change, or if it's just the genres I'm working with that aren't working. I listen to doom, drone, sludge metal, etc. and have been working to create a fusion with chiptune. Please give this track or any others a listen and let me know! I appreciate anything you have to share!

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Maybe add a deep kick to bring a bit of movement and structure to the composition.  That may not be what you're looking for though.  Parts of this sound really baddass!

Edit:  After listening to Red Water, just bring the volume of the kicks up a bit.

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Will do, thank you! I think I have a lot of low bass going with the wav channels, maybe switch one of those out? It's just a raw recording, didn't isolate any of the channels and balance them at all. I might try recording the pulse 1 and giving it a little tweak before doing the wav redo?

try experimenting with your wav channel and make those kicks punch me in the face real hard.

Awesome energy. This is cool.