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i'll be most likely be updating this thing every week or so

peace cool

/// by the way, this is matthew, i just thought that my old username was rather lame.

Penarth, UK

maybe you should post some more details instead of a single image? looks quite cool.


image reminded me of Superbrothers. a lot.

reference link



the game is going to be primarily a two player game and you have to use each other's abilities to get through the level in the fastest time or most lives (several different game options)

like P1 would be able to chop down trees a, and P2 would be able to have the smarts to make something out of it.

it' pretty much always going to be cooperative.

@Battle Lava:

Yep, they're my inspiration ... i guess that means the picture is good too, right? big_smile

Chicago IL

is this for PC or a console?


i'll take that as a compliment XD

at first, just flash, if it's really that good, then i'll go to probably xbl indie games or something like that


Looks interesting, apparently some people care big_smile

Also, interesting link Battle Lava. I always enjoy reading about game design ideologies.

Vancouver, BC

Sounds like it could be cool.
I appreciate your exploration of a new(?) concept for 2-player co-op play, that's probably the 'funnest' type of game imho.

Re: the Superbrothers style...
I was just pondering, was there ever an actual 'vintage' game that had this graphical style?
It's sort of Pitfall-era, but with much higher resolution compared to the level of drawn detail.
Maybe it reminds me of '8-bit style' meets 'super-deformed / vinyl toy art style'.

Oh, and what are you doing for the music/sound?


Thanks fluidvolt and spriteful!


I'm not really sure if THEY got the style from, or they just adapted the style themselves... but it sure is the right style for me.

I haven't really gotten that far, but if anyone is interested you can go ahead and shoot me a PM.

///more details about the music mood:

sort of upbeat, simple, and ambient

i'm pretty chill with anything you're willing to contribute! smile (you will be payed a portion, if we end up getting a sponsorship from like newgrounds, armorgames, whatever)

Newcastle, UK

I dabble a little in game design, planning to take it at degree level this coming September.

The art style reminds me of Under The Garden, which is awesome and people should play it if they haven't … re=related

Here's some links a few of you might like: A browser game/music video for a Team Me song - 2.5D Platformer playable in the browser - Games created by chip musician Aliceffekt! - Interesting Indie Game documentary in the works.


wow, that game looks awesome, but i can't open the file... mac. D:

press whatever startup poll
///vote for your favorite

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Vancouver, BC

The poll is kinda hard without more context...
I figure the startup screen should lead in to the mood and graphical style of the rest of the game.

But on sheer gut reaction I guess I can vote 'Green'.
Green reminds me of Intellivision games, good times.


Oh, I guess I should've informed you guys a little bit more.

Pretty much, this is going to be the screen that shows up once the game finishes loading, nothing much.

Thanks for your vote spiteful!


Green or blue ftw.

Also, love the art style.


Thanks, means a lot coming from you tacticalbread!

///probably going to work a lot this weekend

fluidvolt wrote:

Looks interesting, apparently some people care big_smile

Also, interesting link Battle Lava. I always enjoy reading about game design ideologies.

Ya I love that write up