im getting my broadcast television/film production certificates
play indoor soccer on weekends
retro game in my spare time

I'm a house painter. I played the last 8static with paint still on my arms and hands.

Apart from coding and make chiptunes I am studying Computer Engineering and working at Danone Group as a programmer. Btw, because I need a car. (?)

I'm a journalist not working with journalism. I'm a reviser (i don't even know if this word is correct).


I work in the quality assurance lab of a manufacturing plant.  I develop methods for, calibrate, and maintain all the instrumentation.

Going to a factory Monday thru Friday sucks huge donkey dong.

egr wrote:

sucks huge donkey dong.

I'm on my phone so this video shows up blank first. Reading the above statement makes me not want to know what it is. . .

I'm just a 19 year old Dude who works in the Industry.
Most of the time i'm just the jackass that has to do other guys work or clean shit up. If this isn't the case i'm standing 8 hours next to a machine and have to watch that i just works. Oh, and we're producing bottled water and softdrinks.
Because it's a shift work, my freetime depends on the time i have to work. Sometimes i come home at 09:00 PM and have to be back at Work the next day at 01:00 PM or i have to work early in the morning or late in the night. Always 8 hours. Really sucks.
Never wanted to work there, but i started there when i was 16, and the job i wanted to do i only could start when i'm 18 ('cause of laws and stuff). Now i'll stay there one more year to put some money on the side to get my on place to stay and then i'll start as a trainee in the job i always wanted to do - Eventtechnician, which means to build up stages, set up the Sound, the Lights and all the other good stuff.

On the weekends i write my music, hang out with my buddies or go to Partys, Events or visit another City (Shopping and Stuff, ya know).
I smoke alot when i'm working or at partys, drinking is not that bigger problem. Except for the fact at home we got our own brewery (My Dad is a Brewmaster), so sometimes i drink homebrewd beer - Which is really good, we're making good money with it.
I worked out like a half year, but then got kinda bored to go to the gym. My body is totally fck'd up - Got like 13 Scars, most of them on the right side of my body. All from the fcking Industry.
Most of the people around here don't know what Chiptune is - In fact don't know it exist and they are saying sounds like trash, shit, etc. Friends support me, but even one of them sad once "You can't make money with this shit." So really hard around here, but i know where to go if i'm done with my first EP to get a Gig in a little Club, it's good to get at least a little bit of support.

My Family is great, don't need a girlfriend right now, i'm making enough money to live, but most of the time i'm broke cause i bought some DMG related stuff.

Well, guess that all you need to know.
And i think it should say "What's your life besides [...]"?

i am the god of hair

Auxcide wrote:
egr wrote:

sucks huge donkey dong.

I'm on my phone so this video shows up blank first. Reading the above statement makes me not want to know what it is. . .

so much worse than you imagine

I'm 21, graduated university in December, and work in financial aid at UT Austin currently.

I live in a house with my significant other.

I go to the farmer's market on Saturdays.

Heosphoros wrote:

I drink allot of beer.

I bet you do, Frank.

Dictionary definition of "allot":
"to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion: to allot the available farmland among the settlers."

I am a high school student, and a bass player in my church's worship band smile I collect Hot Wheels, and Nintendo GameCube products.
I love my 2005 Scion xB. It sucks up a lot of my funds wink I am taking college classes concurrently, and will go to college at either Oklahoma University, Oklahoma State, or Tulsa University. I play football, but it is not a huge influence on my life, I enjoy traveling with the worship band over summers and playing on mission trips smile

I like making music A LOT and I make a lot of music that is not chip.

I'm 19 and I frequently question existence most of my time. Whenever I'm not doing that I fail at being a computer engineering student and wonder why I haven't switched majors already. I do a lot of graphic design for shits, and I guess I do music for shits now, too. I'm a huge supporter of my local metal/punk scene and I don't talk about chiptunes much to my friends even though some have heard of it.


i am the god of hair

My hair used to be a chick magnet but it hasn't worked in a few months so I must assume James stole my title and now we must spar to the death.

I repair AC Electric Motors...Making copper coils to put it inside the motor and makes everything works !!!
Here's an example :

Heosphoros wrote:

I work in the Telecom industry. I own a record label. I drink allot of beer.

I do all of this expect the telecom part and I dont own a record label!

i am ashamed to say i am unemployed and live with my parenst
i didnt finish university and since then my life has been blighted with mental health issues that stoped me getting a job (so far!)

i like using the computer and surfing the internet. i also spend A LOT of time on irc chatting to my friends of the esper net, they are the greatest people. and i look after my guinea pigs which is nice

that's basically all i do apart from music. tomorrow i'm going to reinstall linux and take one of my guinea pigs to the vet

this is a good thread!