Austin, TX


I'm Boddah. I'm from the US. I have been modding GB's and other chip related instruments in my spare time for almost 2 years now, I love playing/composing music, I also do quite a bit of artwork. I have many projects that I've made designs for and/or partially finished that I plan to share with the community soon, and I'm very open to collaboration if anyone is interested. I sell modded GB's and other items from time to time, but I don't have a custom modding service available at the moment.


Being that since I've been poking about here and not saying anything in the forums (other than that one time...) that I'm still fresh enough to post me a semi formal intro.
My name is Gran (also known as GRaVITY2DX is most areas on the interwebs and a lesser known alias "Jinn10do). I am 26 years young and I love video games and music.
Before I go on repeating myself, When I made my profile, all the detailed intro stuff is there. So I guess you could give that a read, or not. Up t'you.

Maryland, USA

Hi, I just like to make music.
I've been listening to chiptunes since about 1999 and but I only started to make them around 2005-ish. (I couldn't figure out NerdTracker.)

Forest Maze

Yo I'm Nuclace,

I make weird ambient styled trip-hop, while I'm really shitfaced and hyped up on mtn dew.
I'm an introvert who never leaves his house except to buy ciggarettes and booze.
that's the best I got

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London, UK

Hi all...

I'm Nik...I make silly pop music under the name Fulhäst, using LSDJ along with a variety of Casio keyboards, an electric guitar, a modded old telephone and loads of dialogue samples from movies.

I just released my first cassette, a 7-track EP, on a little London bedroom label called Fika. It's a Game Boy shaped cassette sleeve with felt buttons. Each of the 100 copies come with a different "screen", a photo taken with the Game Boy camera. A stupid amount of work went in to making these...takes about 45 minutes to assemble each copy. Luckily, the guy who runs the label is pretty encouraging when it comes to making silly things like that.

Anyway, if you're curious, you can see and listen to it here

I'm really just a beginner with LSDJ and look forward to hearing the stuff you guys are making...


Hi there !

I'm Gala, I often read this forum but this is my first message here. It's quite difficulte for me to write something here because english is not my native language.
I make chipmusic just for me and myself since 2003 or 2004, but I'm planning to make some serious things in the next months.


I'm Wonkyth, from Canberra Australia. I've been fooling around with creating chiptunes for a couple of months now, using Famitracker and LSDj on an emulator, and am currently trying to find someone nearby with a DMG they'd be happy to part with for not too much money. Hopefully I'm just on the start of the road when it comes to chiptuning, as I'd sincerely like to try some more wacky stuff like circuit-bending and hardware chiptunes, and maybe even get into visuals. big_smile


Would just like to remind newcomers that your "My First LSDJ" songs can be posted in here and you're probably not going to get yelled at wink.

Just helping to cut down on those disappointing threads.


Ha, i almsot thought the same. I assumed that someone new posted here and wanted to say: "Pls. don't open up a My first LSDJ Theard! Just upload it and don't act like it's your first one, or just don't show us your first one at all!"


Hi! This is my first post on here, been lurking for ages!

My name is Naomi but I'm dolce on here, I'm from the UK (in the middle of nowhere)
I've been listening to chiptune since 2009 and have been making my own for a few months - FL Studio is my software of choice but I like composing on my iPad using 8bitone+ and nanoloop. I will upload songs when I'm feeling less shy about them! smile

Centreville, VA

I guess it's time I put a post here since I've been wondering around this site for a week or two. While I'm not a pure chip tunes guy, I enjoy working with these old machines quite a bit. Right now I have a DMG, Commodore 64 and a TI99 in my 8 bit arsenal. Once the the Chip Maestro gets released, I'll have an NES to add into the mix as well. Other than that, I have a slew of equipment that I use for various types of music. You can check out my company website at and my web comic at .

Thanks for reading and for creating some cool music.

William 'Shaggy' Chrapcynski


I am Merutochan and I started trying to make chiptune music last summer. I improved a bit my skills but I still have a lot to learn. Until now I've only used LSDJ because I don't have my C64 power supply lol.
I also play the guitar and I'd also like to play in a chiptune band and compose beautiful tracks as Anamanaguchi do.
I have a soundcloud and you can check it out if you want.

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Oh hey, I should actually introduce myself.

I've been listening to chip for about 4 years now and I made shitty music with Nitrotracker for about two years two years ago and took a massive break to focus on college (English major). I'm starting to make music on LSDJ. Started two weeks ago, actually. Googling the shit out of some tutorials, but would appreciate suggestions for any of the more advanced ones you think are useful, particularly WAV channel ones. How do you WAV channel, indeed.

I'm just gonna focus on doing covers to learn how to actually use LSDJ first, maybe noodle around with some original shit as time goes on.

Also, maybe remember my name if/when I start taking pictures of chip shows. Maybeh.

More detailed bio crap on my profile.

Bertrand "Russellian" Guérin-Williams (Yes, Bertrand Russell is partially where I got my name. Shared name, differing philosophical beliefs.)


Greetings. KITTY EMPIRE is a band that overtly promotes animal, earth, and human equality by means of superliminal messages (yelling).


i didnt think i could put a gap in the band name because every time i register some place NO GAPS ALLOWED! i couldnt find a way to change my name in my profile. is it forbidden or did i not look hard enough? no biggie, just wondering.


Fixed. (Yes, name changes are still only allowed for typos and such.)

Btw, re: this:

Kitty Empire wrote:

i couldnt find a way to change my name in my profile. is it forbidden or did i not look hard enough?

Didn't you read the rules on the sign-up page? At least the underlined ones...?

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