i am a mechanic for the armored fleet dairugger xv

Brunswick, GA USA

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

i am a mechanic for the armored fleet dairugger xv

I'm a customer service telephone operator, one of those people who answers when you call the 800 number at the bottom of the website. I also like certain kinds of motorsport and round football. Haven't I answered a thread like this before?

BC, Canada

When I'm not making chiptunes, I'm making/playing non-chiptune music. Music is pretty much all I do. That and school.

Easton, PA, USA

sad, very very sad.
I ship rubber dicks and canned cat food to lonely shut-ins around the globe.
I shoot film, and build models and monsters.
not sad



New York

I'm policeman big_smile


I make computer videogame graphics at a game studio.

I like it.

A lot.



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I'm a worker from an hardware.

ant1 wrote:

i am ashamed to say i am unemployed and live with my parenst
i didnt finish university and since then my life has been blighted with mental health issues that stoped me getting a job (so far!)

i like using the computer and surfing the internet. i also spend A LOT of time on irc chatting to my friends of the esper net, they are the greatest people. and i look after my guinea pigs which is nice

that's basically all i do apart from music. tomorrow i'm going to reinstall linux and take one of my guinea pigs to the vet

this is a good thread!


i moved out four years ago now. worked my way into a cushy office job doing something pretty boring and they're paying me to do a mathematics degree. the mental health issues are ongoing but i got off meds and am pretty much "stable" now. to the point i can hold down a job at least.

i still like using my computer, still have friends on espernet.

all my guinea pigs died, RIP. i switched to windows, linux is just too much effort for every day use.

i got pretty into rock/mountain climbing and bouldering and have been doing that a bunch, less so recently with work and study. also learned to play chess pretty badly and solve cryptic crosswords. trying to learn to play the harmonica now. it's pretty chiptune

still a good thread. gosh this place is so quiet these days though

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Working with severely disabled children.

At least, they don't ask me why I'm making super mario covers, and I'm pretty sure they'd enjoy this music.


I design synths and such.

Bonn, Germany

sleeping all day

Boise, ID

I've worked for a kennel for the last 4 years. I'm broke but I love being there.


30 years old, went to school, college, university, now working in website development. Married, finding time to chiptune is hard. we dont have kids so we go out for meals/drinks with friends a lot. Im down to using my gameboy pocket on my lunch breaks at work, but i'd like to take holiday to spend quality time at my DAW station with my gb, and gba and the sms famitracker synced in. got into music when i was 16 and picked up a guitar, was into shredding at 20. had 2 piano lessons recently but had to ditch it for driving lessons because im sick of stealing trolleys to wheel broken tvs and stuff to the dump site

Chicago, IL

I do other kinds of music and sound engineering work as beatscribe that accounts for about 10% of my total income, most recently the One Deck Dungeon soundtrack and its coming expansion. I also write for a few blogs, some anonymously, some not (like, thats a nice little side job. The rest of my living comes from being a developer, I mostly do SQL, ASP.NET and Ruby but I'm moving toward becoming a stack developer, doing some side jobs with MEAN and VueJS. I'm 100% work from home, maybe even a bit reclusive as my wife works from home too.  I enjoy hanging out with her and my cats. I work a lot with my church too (pretty much the only time I go outside). I also like Sci fi and my wife has got me into period pieces which are super good.  I occasionally play video games, still have an original SNES and currently i'm playing thru a rom hack of super metroid that I have on an actual cartridge. I don't get into new games much at all. I love Habitica and am a regular user of it, helps me stay organized and makes my life feel like a little RPG.

Being a developer is awesome, even though its hard to learn, if you imagine, someone will pay you for the rest of your life to learn this, its worth it. see: … eek03day17

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