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I've considered doing a podcast, but my taste is far different from what most if the scene is into. Guess it would be a good counterpoint to chipwin though

As far as I'm concerned the fact that your interests would showcase a different subsection of the scene could only be seen as a good thing. Having 100 excellent chiptune news sources that constantly agreed about how great the same 25 artists are would be pointless.

i'd probably not stick to only chip either, tbh there's just not that much chip music that i enjoy

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Just red the entire topic and it was a good read !

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chiptune so isn't dead, but the coverage / documentation / journalism of chiptune kinda sucks, and that's why everyone thinks nothing new is happening.
the last thing that i felt truly encapsulated everything that was going on with the chip scene is STILL the reformat the planet documentary (though one could argue that was more a natural side effect of blipfest itself being intentionally cross-sectional with its curation).  even 8bc's top 3 tracks feature implicitly reflected the trends of the time, so you could check it out every week and theorize about where the artform / scene is heading. 

but anyway there used to be more central, authoritative sources that the whole scene could use to get a convenient slice of the scene at large.  That WeeklyTreats project (1 song by a different chip artist every week of the year) was pretty nice because it included interviews that also conveyed the featured artist's insights on the scene itself.  goto80's chipflip blogposts were great too because of his perspective as a historian.  aaand of course TCTD

nowadays, to get a sense of the scene at large:
- there's chipwin, which imho has a long way to go in terms of the quality of its written content, and overall has a very low signal-to-noise ratio
- you get what you can from chatter in various chip discords
- you go to chip shows / festivals in person and hope that the organizers are able to curate based on "what's happening right now" instead of "who can we get that's convenient"

btw that Latin American chip bandcamp article is great because it seems to reflect a real, mature effort to take a cross-sectional look at the current state of things, albeit a particular subculture of the chipscene itself.  more of that please.

Bryface my man ! Those words of yours I quote...High five dude !
I think the problem with ChipWin is the majority of their users only cares about le gameboy LSDJ/Nanoloops (and sometimes famitracker and a little bit of deflemask) so the kind of awesome news I want to see on this page got 0 to max 3 likes and gets easily buried by shitloads of WIPs videos and stuff !
...and Holy s**et I miss TCTD ! sad

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Fun seeing a bunch of names here haven’t seen in a while..

This year I played a show at a festival in Tokyo, helped co-run a festival in Melbourne, recorded a new EP (forthcoming) and attended monthly Chiptune meetups on my city..

Throughout that time I barely interacted with an online international “scene” but did have a chance to have some big conversations with some people who have been on this for a long time..

Basically my current state of being is do what you like doing and surround yourself with people who you enjoy the company and creativity of.. organise more shows that aren’t chiptune for the sake of chiptune but shows that are good diverse lineups of talented people.. and fuck videogames

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Is it back yet

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Is it back yet