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freezedream wrote:

Hey everyone, I'm keen to start tracking on my TI-82, but the USB link cables aren't really available from anywhere in Australia. There is just one listed on eBay for around $50 (AUD) which I find too expensive for just the cable. Has anyone come up with a working solution that may be DIY? I'd like to avoid PC serial or parallel ports, so some kind of serial to USB converter would be good. Thanks!

Do you have a serial or parallel port on your computer? Or access to a USB serial connector for cheap?

If so, you can build one of these simple circuits:

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Adelaide, Australia

@irrlichtproject: Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I could only find one listed on Amazon and it was still really expensive to Australia.

@jefftheworld: Oh nice, that looks very promising! Have you or anyone else had success using that method?