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Hey everyone, I'm keen to start tracking on my TI-82, but the USB link cables aren't really available from anywhere in Australia. There is just one listed on eBay for around $50 (AUD) which I find too expensive for just the cable. Has anyone come up with a working solution that may be DIY? I'd like to avoid PC serial or parallel ports, so some kind of serial to USB converter would be good. Thanks!

Do you have a serial or parallel port on your computer? Or access to a USB serial connector for cheap?

If so, you can build one of these simple circuits:

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@irrlichtproject: Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I could only find one listed on Amazon and it was still really expensive to Australia.

@jefftheworld: Oh nice, that looks very promising! Have you or anyone else had success using that method?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Find it hard to find or make samples for HT2's awesome sample feature? So did I, until I added a feature to my pcm2pwm program!

jefftheworld wrote:

Version 0.8.1 is out! A few years ago I added support for outputting in Houston Tracker 2's inverted format for my own use but I never got around to releasing that feature.

Well, that's the only new feature in pcm2pwm v0.8.1! Enjoy!

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Ha, that's great news. Added a note regarding this to the HT2 manual. Thanks Jeff! smile

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