Hey all! My 2010 album October November December is being reissued on cassette tape by Flowerpot Records. Fuzzy lo-fi tracker music, now in the king of fuzzy lo-fi formats. Also, it includes a bonus track in the form of a sort of coda / remix of the song "The Stars Come Out".

If anyone's interested in a tape (or in nabbing the digital album + bonus track for free), go here: https://flowerpotrecords.bandcamp.com/a … r-december


bitjacker wrote:

I tried the Jaw harp over a circuit bent casio sk60. I had sampled broken wine glass sounds, malfunctioned the keyboard, then got it randomly repeating the four samples I took. My cat still has nightmares about this song.

sounds like a great song tbh


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thanks for listening and for the kind words, everyone

btw this (along with most of my other releases) is on apple music and spotify and other places like that now. i'd say i sold out, but... *i* paid *them*. anyway, if you want to put me on your playlists, here i am: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6RcRRoOk5LyYRs3TfaAmGJ


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1. Descent (Main Title) 01:43   
2. Warrens of Endless Dusk 02:05   
3. Faceted Chasm 02:02   
4. Prismatic Aqueduct 01:26   
5. An Interstitial Passage 00:43   
6. Mirrored Antechamber 01:55   
7. Ancient Sanctum 01:26   
8. Transdimensional Throne 02:30   
9. Ascent (End Title) 02:21

my first chip music release in 3 years. sounds from a mysterious dusty cartridge, label mostly torn off, no entry on gamefaqs

recorded straight from NES to cassette 4-track with a few added effects



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this is pretty cool. very dedicated to its concept and i respect that. torture on the ears and i also respect that


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ubey wrote:
freezedream wrote:

heart sad music...

From the 8bc days: 1999 by ubey

Thanks for the memories man! I lost most of my tracks that were on 8bc, good to hear one again.

it's a rad track, and quite emotional. i love it


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https://dragonwarrior.bandcamp.com/albu … b-mountain

a journey with eleven stops through the storied biomes of REVERB MOUNTAIN, where the corridors are haunted but the ghosts are not vengeful. SAIL the reverb king's stagnant moat. KNEEL before his stalagmite throne. FIND the incredible elevator shaft descending perhaps to the world's very core. BREATHE that gloomy mountain air.

Lo-Fi Casiotone Pop / Drone / Noise

This is a mini-album i made leading up to halloween. I didn't quite finish it in time but it's got a cool spooky atmosphere and i'm proud of it.

used a bunch of casio & yamaha keyboards. hit "info" on each track if you wanna know which ones.


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https://dragonwarrior.bandcamp.com/albu … ream-music

this is DRAGON WARRIOR's second LP. 19 landscapes for dreaming to, before, after, or about. listen on shuffle for the sense of wandering a labyrinthine garden or vast, empty hotel or shopping mall connected to itself in impossible ways.

feat. Jay Tholen, among others!

(made with mostly cheap 80s casio & yamaha keyboards, tape recorders, guitars, etc. is it chiptune? you decide!)


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glad to have been a part of this. i feel distinctly outdone

i have a memory boy, which is analog and will also do a vibrato/chorus on the repeats which can be lovelyyyy. the delay itself is rather dark, though. i also have an aqua puss which is a much brighter and very beautiful analog delay, but can only do pretty short delay times. i love both pedals.


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cheap 80s casio & yamaha keyboards - they're usually pretty limited & just have a few distinctive features, but that limitedness in itself makes them fun


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This is really good. The leads are really fluid and expressive and there are a lot of unusual and beautiful sounds in the mix (the bass sounds really cool). Also just a nicely written tune. Did you use any expansion chips or anything? if not, i'm very curious about how you did some things.


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i like it a lot. chipgaze 4ever


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Famitracker b/c NES triumphalism


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I have a bunch of cassette players/recorders. They have made a minor comeback lately, over here in the US anyway!

Those ones look very nice. Are you selling them?

The composition on this album is pretty strong - there's a good sense of melody ("Interlude" and the last couple tracks in particular are just lovely) and the rhythms have a good feeling to them & are pretty diverse. I think the big weakness is the production and some of the sounds used - the drum samples can be pretty sterile, or else kind of weak-sounding (e.g. snare on the last song), and the melodic instruments are not very subtle or expressive. You might explore the use of vibrato and changes in dynamics to make your melodic leads more emotional.

Also, a more specific criticism - when you use bass lines, e.g. on the last song, you should try to accentuate the rhythms being played and the chords being played, rather than just treating it like another instrument. In general, I agree with Sudstep's suggestion that many of these tracks would be improved by a steady bass line - it would really fill out the sonic spectrum.

I think you are talented and should keep making songs. I enjoyed these ones quite a bit even with their flaws.