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Is it back yet



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In other words, what are the things you guys are feeding this chip actually giving this chip in terms of voltage and on what pins


0 or 5 volts on the address, data, chip select, or read/write pins.

The TIA is a digital chip, to get it to output audio you have to write data to the address of one of 6 audio control registers.

The bAtari Basic (basic compiler for 2600) manual has an overview of them and how they control sound output: http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600 … html#sound


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Since the original post I've acquired a Genesis HDG, a Mega Everdrive, and a YM2413 equipped Master System adapter (PowerBase Mini FM). 

I've found that the Genesis hardware is more lenient with SMS VGMPlay than SMS hardware and runs it as it does in an emulator.  The SMS rom runs the same on the Mega Everdrive and the Master Everdrive w/ adapter.

SMS VGMPlay does support YM2413 channel playback and it works fine with the adapter.


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I just found out about Dr. Zilog thanks to the commercial for his new tape.

Why did no one tell me about Dr. Zilog?


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Getting down and dirty with hardware that was supposed to be a closed platform.


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Personally, I have less of a problem with it looking like a Gameboy as I do with the overall control layout.  I don't like the off-center stomp switch or having functional knobs next to it.

I was thinking of doing a cassette release recently.

Geez, I thought blank cassettes would be cheaper.  Might need to buy some guy's tape collection to reuse.


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If your gonna glue it, dont try to glue just one side. put a tiny amount on both sides. if you use something that gives you a little time stick and unstick it then set it. (my boss taught me all about gluing)

I've never heard of that trick but it makes total sense.  Thanks.


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This will produce polyphonic MIDI from a guitar input.  I think this is based around the same engine that the Rocksmith games use for note recognition.  The demo is full featured with a 10(?) minute time limit.  Plenty of time to jam or record something.

You can use loopmidi to route it to whatever VSTs/DAWs/hardware you want if you need to.

Definitely nice loading up some Thunder Blade patches in a YM2612 VST and rocking out some FM jams.

I do have a legit 1990's MIDI guitar setup, I just need a project guitar for it.  No way am I drilling holes in my KH!

Amplifier took a dump or heat expansion weakened a marginal solder joint or caused a broken trace.

I would reflow all of the solder points on the amplifier circuit and see if that helps.

It sounds like it could be a broken solder joint or broken slide pots if physically touching it causes/fixes the problem.

Idk, listen to Slayer - Angel of Death or Raining Blood, Carcass - Heartwork, Megadeth - Holy Wars or Hangar 18.

Basically what Sketchman said.  Some of these phrases/riffs could definitely be longer.

It seems like for the most part you've got every instrument going all the time, I like to drop down to only 1 or 2 instruments during some transitions to kind of wind up before I drop the hammer.  It's all about building and releasing tension.

Also, could use a solo midway through.

I really should get around to playing my copy.  Been waiting until I have a 2nd player around.

I plopped this on my everdrive and messed around for a couple minutes today.

I didn't find it very useful in its current state, really easy to completely glitch it out too.  It's nice to have the source code, though.

And to respond to Bucky's post from 4 years ago, Great Golf is the best/worst example of sample playback on the SMS.

You could always try hunting down a PAL copy of Action Replay for PS2 on eBay and using the swap trick to set your memory card up yourself.

I had a softmodded PS2 and the only modification I had to make was to take the faceplate off the drive door.