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Lol Form1.button1_click.  Good job naming your controls/methods.  I'm assuming that's the 1st button.

It looks like a problem with the XML it's trying to parse in the file associated with the button you're clicking on line 1769, position 1.  Maybe a truncated or corrupt file?

You'd have to try opening the file as a text file with something like Programmer's Notepad that will let you turn on line numbers and maybe there's an obvious problem.  I once had an XML file get corrupted where one of the <'s got changed to the next ascii character.


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herr_prof wrote:

I havent tried it but have you tried editing drummap.txt? It has note numbers so maybe you can just remap it to a GM default?

Yeah it didn't do anything.  I think it's just a reference or wasn't implemented.


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Landon wrote an improved one that incorporates PSG called Genny.  http://www.wonthelp.info/GENNY_beta_2.zip

It works pretty well, I like it, though the PCM/drum channel mapping is weird.  I emailed him asking if there was any way I could remap it to standard GM mapping and got no response.  It does have VGM file logging though, here's a track I made with it: http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/ … ine/16731/ I didn't spend any time fine tuning the mixing because there was about 2 hours left in the compo.  I confused a LOT of people submitting a legit VGM file created purely with FL and a VST. 

Apparently he also got drunk one night and ported MAME/Gens' YM2612 and PSG emulation from C++ to C#/XNA 4.0/Monogame and made a VGM player.  It works pretty well and I plan on using it if I ever manage to get something on Xbox Live Indie Games on the 360.  I asked his opinion on how difficult it would be to port MAME's YM2413 core into it but surprise, no response.

I'm pretty much done trying to interact with him directly since I might as well be interacting with a brick wall.  At least I did get a steam key to beta test Duck Game.  Still have a spare one if anyone wants it, but you need a modern style controller or at least a genesis 6 button.


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jefftheworld wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

i wouldnt call bluetooth audio "pro".

I wouldn't call a Game Boy "pro", either.

The point of prosound mods are to get better quality audio signals than available through the stock circuitry.  Transmitting your signal using a lossy data compression algorithm is going to give you a worse signal overall.

This IS nice work, I'm sure it sounds good enough for composing on or using around the house, but there's no reason anyone should use it in a live setting.

What's wrong with FL?

Right now there's one on eBay for $10 + shipping with no bids and a sticky instrument select button.  Probably won't get bid up very high because of that.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-FB-01-FM … 2a4f328875


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I've been on eBay since 2002 and used paypal on around 200 transactions.

You'll be fine.


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I got a bunch of PT2399 echo processor IC's off ebay for pretty cheap.  According to the datasheet they were introduced in the late 90's and applications include "Karaoke Machines".  Supposedly they're a decent approximation of tape delay.

I haven't messed around with them yet, planning on using them for reverb/echo fx on some chip MIDI modules I'm designing.

Anybody have any input on these things?

What's the problem with MIDInes anyway?  Not enough control like you get using commands in famitracker?

Be aware that the Powerpak can play .NSF files, the Everdrive currently does not.

Whichever one you get, be sure to mod your NES for the emulated Japanese expansion audio.

Also, lift pin 4 on the CIC chip while you're at it.


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Presskop wrote:

How do I connect this thing?

Follow the instructions at GetLofi.  You're basically providing power to the chip, cutting a trace on the PCB that previously supplied the CPU with a clock signal, and connecting the output of this chip to the CPU's clock input.

Presskop wrote:

Do I really need a 0,1uF capacitor?

Probably not but you should use one.  When you go from +V to GND like this it's being used to help keep the supply voltage stable, which probably helps it keep the output frequency stable.



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TylerBarnes wrote:

GXSCC alert!

GXSCC strikes again!

On a related note, here's some Carcass through a Roland MT-32 sound module from 1987.

Genny.  It uses the sound engine of a genesis/mega drive emulator.  It has the ability to log it's output as a .VGM file, which you can playback later on hardware.  Drum mapping is wonky but other than that it's pretty cool.

The biggest advantage is that since it's a VST you don't need to change your process at all.


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Here's a 555 based circuit.  There's a 30 minute video explaining how it works as well.

http://hackaday.com/2014/12/14/sqonkbox … ore-140610


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You need to figure out what you want to control, but you've basically got 8 buttons.  Since you work in the realm of discrete ICs you could probably wire it up with a 4066 quad analog switch to control some other circuit.

Also, the NES controller works by grounding signals fed into a shift register - the inputs at the IC are normally high when not pressed.  It's possible to remove the 4021 and cut the pull-up resistors, then you have a controller with 8 N/O buttons.

Note that all the buttons are going to have a common ground or V+ depending on how you wire it, so you'll need to factor that into your design.