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that is the sexiest sammich ive seen so far, looks like an ice cream sammich big_smile


last price drop before ebay


shipping now included woopie, BUY IT

If it makes a difference this was recently purchased so its definitely not one of the buggy first runs

it still available apart from a request for a photo which is available here http://www.milkcrate.com.au/emar/Random/nlcart.JPG ( i didnt have the manual on me atm, just woke up!)

http://8bc.org/music/smiker/ADVANCE%3A+ … dtrack%29/ (Uploaded by smiker on March 12th 2011, 10:58 AM) he lives but.....


i would prefer cash only sorry



bump, new thing. selling gear that is sitting and getting stuff im actually going to use!

Lazerbeat wrote:

the weird ass TQ5

I want one of those sooo bad tongue just for the sequencer and slight editing capabilities over the Fb-01

plus it looks less like a vcr and more like a spaceship panel tongue


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gogo Je Mappelle! smile

sorry for the sarcasm..... i spend hours to  days on my mods and take pride in them so it offends me to see such a lazy job being potentially sold at such a high price to someone who could use the money to learn to use a dremel and soldering iron on their own

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Hunterizzle wrote:

I used a carving knife

Hunterizzle wrote:

mods crammed into it