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very cool, would consider this if my .sid library exisited tongue good to see a more affordable price(comparative to 4U,)!


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5 tracks that didnt make it onto cromagnon in time. Super disco lazer fun time

Get it HERE ---> http://emar.bandcamp.com/

...also dont forget to download cromagnon if you want more doki doki doki doki doki...




When/where? septemberish 2008  (i cant believe its been nearly two years yikes) The tramontane cafe in Utica NY

How did it go? actually amazing, the duo before me was lackluster which led to an uproar as the crowd heard my set, people screamed, a few danced. I met some awesome people that night which led to bigger and better shows (hope the snowball is still rolling)

If you could time-travel and redo the gig, what would you do differently? longer songs. smaller setup. wouldnt have said yes to an interview that was ultimately extorted. less pew pew and more unceunce tongue

DaPantz wrote:

made a RAWWWWWWWWK face.

made plently of these aswell big_smile


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DoofDoofDoofDoof tongue


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i would particularly like to see mp3s of the tracks he does in those pulsewave videos

Them: what do you do?
me:i make music with computers and stuff..... heres a song....
them:this is crazy, how did you do it?
Me: it was actually made with a single game boy
them: oh so its techno

...yep...its techno, people. get yr facts straight big_smile


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phew, i have hope again! Thank you large flaming ball for this site! hi everybody!