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RushCoil wrote:

unlike my lazy ass.

considering you  are the only one blessed with a sms midi interface yes, GET OFF YOUR [email protected]! WTF??? /jealousy

and nestrogen i downloaded this the other day, really good stuss mang!

Monovfox wrote:

Bit Shifter (Lots of yellow)

i actually agree with this observation. in no way claiming to have or not have COLOURVISION5000, but Bit Shifter ALWAYS hits a "yellow" feel for me.

/me forgets what he was doing;crawls back under rock

herr_prof wrote:

that would be kinda annoying cause them you wouldnt be able to use the maxpat editor to change its settings without midi i/o or at least a ftdi header.

so the update can be done thru midi?!?!

/me holds breath waiting for a yes smile

Ive never owned a commodore, but from the way multiple notes are hitting id say you should check the keyboard itself for shorts....

this is what i do for my tablehooters, maybe not the same at all....i dunno

the spoon is already in your mouth and yet you ask?

iLKke wrote:

1st of April, hmmm big_smile

/me sees this; doesnt get hopes up.

one question(possibly a dumm one) any chance that lsdj retains master sync while in this midi mode?

if not that would be rad wink

bump for possibly arfink or anyone else smile

herr_prof wrote:
Emar wrote:

And then what?


When you get to Go to the File menu -> Sketchbook -> Examples -> Digital -> Blink

Find the folder where the aboy code is, and verify, compile, upload

Once its uploaded, install the max run time, open the max patch and configure your aboy. Its pretty straight forward.

alright cool, i just couldnt find this holy code that was being spoken of this morning smile

herr_prof wrote:

its easy, if you ahve a scienceguy he included the header pins, so just grab yourself one of these

and then.........?

i will be watching these parts like a hawk to get mine to work

I saw this on yahoo groups!!!!! SHAT MYSELF PROPA WELL SAFE BRUV!!!!!

/me orgasms, again

i guess it will go back when everyone is done with their adult game. HIHIHIHI MOUSES HIHIHIHIHI

Anonymous wrote:

Oooooh, so pretty! *drooling* A few questions: Do the batteries work? Does this have PCMCIA slots? How much hard drive space does it have? Would you let just the laptop and PSU go by themselves? Would you be willing to wait until April 16th for payment?

4. i guess but if your looking for handouts get lost wink
5. if noone else pays by then,yes

bump for the other one (i feel like a chip animal shelter tongue)


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hey br0