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well i guess we have to shoot both of them.....

arfink wrote:

Too bad I has no monies right now.

i feel your pain tongue

akira^8GB wrote:

You can run Nerdtracker on it which I like better.

and also ppmck wink

nickmaynard wrote:

can you run famitracker on it

i would say so as 98 is pretty mailable....

this thread says yes if you have directX installed (this computer has its whole installation disc in a folder in case you need drivers and such as this)

http://famitracker.shoodot.net/forum/po … p;pid=1036

Bump for Libretto 70ct + midi interface (i think my DJ disease is finally in remission, no more need for dupes of everything tongue)


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or be a baller and trigger that shit with the listen button as the song plays tp see which one fits

/me bboy stands


ah no, i dont have anything with a 5 1/4 drive tongue

i dont blame you, i was actually wincing at what the shipping would be (theyre pretty heavy!)

still waiting on an estimate smile

also thank you for introducing me to RE:NDZ  great great stuff!

Awesome smile incredibly beautiful scenery and some of the the most rocking chipshow footage(as always, luv u JPCHIP) looks like a life changing good time smile

is it a midi-to-usb CABLE or INTERFACE?  the cables blow big time when it comes to their midi in. I have a yamaha somthing and an m-audio uno and i can say the same thing about them when slaving both renoise and ableton to hardware

invaderbacca wrote:

Notendo did this and it works fine, but it also being notendo

i believe x|k aswell, he has quite otaku NES's

herr_prof wrote:

The best way to get developers to work on homebrew software is to berate them.

well at this point i would be happy with "i havent done shit for 6 months, wont do shit, go away"


"just an update, it will be another 4 years, thanks for staying interested"

im hoping for a "its ready just needs a bugfix" smile

pm'd about 3 1/2" diskettes smile

in the last video are you actually using the dingoo?