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Yeah it's good! I haven't plaid Bloodstained yet but I want to.

If you haven't already, check out Savaged Regime. He does pretty impressive covers into Genesis of songs (including Castlevania games).


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Sounds cool!


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These are good: https://shop.insidegadgets.com/product/ … lash-cart/

He'll flash it for you too, but if you want to reflash later you'll need his flasher: https://shop.insidegadgets.com/product/gbxcart-rw/

You'll be able to backup and restore saves with any old flasher though, if you already have one laying around. The good thing is these should use a lot less power than the EMS (or even Drag n' Derp) carts so your Gameboy won't overheat and crash (I swear I've observed this happening at every show I've gone to).

Apparently EMS is discontinuing the 64 USB cart, not sure if they're going to replace it with something else.

Other than that the offerings from Krikzz and BennVenn are okay but SD based which I don't care for as much.


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Let me know how it is! The form factor looks not great (I'd prefer the rs-97) but I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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What's the advantage of retrofw over useless? I haven't kept up!

I don't think these devices can do usb host stuff so it wouldn't be possible. Devs over on discord would be able to answer. Honestly the mod is SO CLOSE to working, testing is just super slow.


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oliver wrote:

TRS for now. Don't know if that's possible, but will try to include both.

Feel free to email me, I can help you with some TRS to DIN adapters!


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Hey oliver, are you using the standard TRS midi standard (korg) or the Artura/Novation variant? This looks super awesome!


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wahrk wrote:

Is there another place to grab a compatible build of Piggy following the release of the new RetroFW firmware?

No, I'd ask a dev to recompile for you.

The X series can do the full 128k save, so yeah it's in tact. No need for dupe roms.

Can confirm it works on Everdrive X3. LSDJ does NOT work on the original Everdrive GB (no longer sold to my knowledge. I would recommend getting the x5 or x7 for LSDJ though, x3 makes you click a button after you save to actually write the save file. If you forget to do that after saving, you will lose your save. I think x7 only adds RTC support that we don't care about for LSDJ. Looks like the x5 is the sweet spot for LSDJ.


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This is Sega Genesis but maybe it counts:

I actually don't provide good support for this product. This is sold as a diy kit and I make it as clear as I possibly can on the page that I don't provide support for it. Most of that is because I can't really support other people's soldering skills, so I recommend if people aren't moderately experienced they should get a teensyboy which is fully assembled and tested.

One major issue here is you're not using the right code. Get the right code from the product page, that will eliminate the constant mode switching.

The Gameboy color will provide power through the link port so you don't need to power it through USB (in fact you shouldn't). It's not unheard of for the Gameboy to brown out when you initially plug the arduinoboy in, so I'd have it connected before you turn the Gameboy on.

I'd guess fixing all the stuff I mentioned will fix this. Specifically:
Flash the correct code (link on the product page)
Don't plug in the USB when it's connected to the Gameboy

If that's doesn't work then it's probably bad soldering, so double check all your joints for cold joints or bridging.


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just play pikmen and call it a day

Analog sync?

The rom check is something LSDJ does the first time the cart boots. My guess is that some issue only affecting higher sectors (like a bad sector, or possibly pins becoming desoldered or something). LSDJ is one of only a few roms that use 1mb flash storage, and the only one I know of that actually attempts to verify the rom image.

Was the rom you flashed the one from here? https://catskull.net/erase-an-ems-64-us … -cart.html

You could try flashing that rom, then dumping it again and comparing the roms in a hex editor to make sure it's all 1's and no 0's. You could also do the same thing but change the rom to write all 0's and do the same thing. My guess is somewhere near the end of the dumped rom, you'll see bad data.