Have you seen this? https://retrosix.co.uk/CleanPower-Regul … p141361110

Full disclosure: I did not read your post


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The official gb studio docs have a great page on music: https://www.gbstudio.dev/docs/music/

OpenMPT might be a good option?


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Theta_Frost wrote:

I'll play b2b sets with LSDJ and LGPT (on PSP), where I just beatmatch them in my headphones using the cue on my mixer. The tempo is wonderfully consistent BUT getting it to start on the beat can be quite tricky. Idk if the start button on the PSP is just unresponsive, but even with tap tempo beatmatching is tough.

have seen this live and I long for the day I see it again


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Try plugging the genMDM into the console AFTER the console boots. That's the most common issue I've seen.

Yeah you can totally do that! I wouldn't recommend using both of them at the same time though. Just use one or the other!

I'm not sure how noisey the headphone amp itself is... Even in my dev board where the CPU is the only original part the output is still kinda noisey.

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I'll bet he'll post here and give you a high level overview though


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I heard a rumour that trash80 might be working on something that would be the end all for handheld midi sequencing, sampling, and tracking. For $50 this could still be cool though. And there's always the possibility of new software being developed for it beyond LGPT.


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herr_prof wrote:

I mean unless you want to make songs in stereo

Audio    Earphone Jack, 0.5Watt 8Ω Mono

That must be a mistake, they're probably referring to the speaker. But yeah if it was mono that would kill it.


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I think it is just normal 128k sram but it backs up on boot and then just loads it from SD when you choose the game. I think I saw there's a button in the cart that will make it back up immediately.


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This has the potential to be the ultimate LGPT handheld.

At first glance, it doesn't really seem to be anything special versus the other dingux handhelds floating around right now. But there's two things about this particular handheld that really set it apart: full size USB host port, and an expansion port with some GPIO. This means likely USB MIDI devices could work on this.

Obviously this is all just guesswork at this point (it releases at the end of the month), but if we got LGPT ported to it and the MIDI stuff pans out, this could be really interesting!

The price is great at $55, but you have to assemble it yourself. Looks easy enough though, so it should be fun.

I'll order one when they're available. If anyone knows any developers I'm happy to pay for a port of LGPT. I imagine it will be pretty easy since the linux/dingux ports are already working.

Links: https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-go-advance/

ETA Prime Setup/Review:

Wiki with some development info: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid_go_advance/start


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So basically this is the answer to the void left by the USB EMS carts. This is great!


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Lol wtf? That Cool Spot Gaming link is kinda funny, they're using reflashed bootleg pokemon games which only have 32k sram and thus only hold one song at a time. I used to offer the same thing but stopped because I wasn't comfortable with the quality.

But the real WTF is they're using an LSDJ label I designed YEARS ago, I don't even have the files anymore and though they were totally lost! Kinda cool!


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Is it still DIN5? Bidirectional is pretty rad!

also can vouch for ui's brilliance (love the stuff you've been posting on instagram lately!)


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Since this is the first result on google for "midines sample list", I'll post another wayback machine link that nullsleep just dug up for the samples on 1.1.1. It's not a full list, but 1.1.1 has 256 samples instead of the 16 on 1.0.

https://web.archive.org/web/20080513151 … o_dmc_bank

I got my console yesterday. Here's a twitter thread where I explore the album cartridge, it's pretty cool! https://twitter.com/xxcatskullxx/status … 76737?s=20

TL;DR: The cart plays uncompressed audio off SD directly to the console through the audio in pins on the cartridge connector. Really clever design that doesn't use any microcontrollers or FPGAs!

I'm super impressed!