Yep, I know for a fact that all GBAs have power on the link port, I use it for the GBA Midi Synth:

But yeah some link cables are wired funky which is why I include one in that bundle.

herr_prof wrote:

not to make it harder but also internally mounted arduinoboy with ble midi thanks D


All of the aftermarket GBC link cables I have seen have the power line connected but it connects to SD on the other side. So if you cut a link cable, you can wire in the power lead.

I'm not sure about the MGB-004 adapter but I'd guess it will work (in fact I swear I've tested it and confirmed that). A quick test with a multimeter should confirm it pretty quick though!


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You'd be way way better off with new hardware if all you need to do is convert din midi to the controller port. It would be way cheaper too!

uXe is the only person I've seen make a "modern" power supply, though it's different than what you're doing here. Here's his documentation:

Somewhere there he says that running lower than -18v results in better contrast??? So You should play with that to see what the best voltage is.


This is super cool! The music is great and I'm really happy to see the few extra songs. Also the mapper is implemented in discrete logic which is awesome and I'm not sure if I've ever seen it before! Here's the PCB for those curious:

And it has a custom super gameboy border!

Clearly nitro2k01 has done a fantastic job here, the whole team should be really proud!

Ordered! One note, prices are displayed in CAD not USD so it's a fair bit cheaper than it initially looks!

When I try to favorite a song, I get this error in the JS console:

Couldn't update favorites in Firebase. FirebaseError: No document to update: projects/chip-player-js/databases/(default)/documents/users/kJumfDcQrSY56mmLhALymdrKH3G2

I was checking this out last night, this is awesome. Really impressive! I probably will be using this a lot at work.

Is the UI just home made by you, or is there some amazing CSS framework I need to be aware of?

One minor bug, if you scroll fast while a song is playing the audio sutters/jumps.

EDIT: another thing I would love is radio stations. Currently I listen to radio. Even if it was just a playlist of songs by console or something.

This is great! Always loved this song in the movie, super cool you're using a Teensyboy Pro!


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Just thought I'd post here to say that I've got a handful of these available if anyone is interested. $40 and comes with an 8GB SD card preflashed with the custom firmware and piggy tracker. If you're interested just email [email protected]


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Yep, you have to pop out the sd card to transfer stuff. USB is charging only. Sounds like they're exploring enabling it for data transfer.


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Just posting here that LGPT is running well on Bittboy Pocket and Bittboy Pocket GO. The Pocket Go is a pretty nice handheld, the build quality is better than all the other current emulator handhelds. The only downside is a 30hz screen so it's pretty bad for gaming. But for LGPT, it's absolutely perfect.

If there's interest, I could buy some Pocket Go's and offer them on my store preflashed with CFW and ready to go. Otherwise, they're available most places for about $40.

My favorite park was the fact that someone brought their son and allowed him to play Sanoc on the Nintendo. Too bad the tvs kept glitching out, hope he still had a good time!


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Yeah it's good! I haven't plaid Bloodstained yet but I want to.

If you haven't already, check out Savaged Regime. He does pretty impressive covers into Genesis of songs (including Castlevania games).