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The X3 literally has a button INSIDE the cart that you can press. It will reset the cart. So what you have to do is save, then press the button, and it will reboot with your save. But if you forget to push the button after saving, it won't actually save. Not worth the risk IMO.


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I'll try it out on mine and let you know. Worst case scenario you could mail it to me and I'll flash it with my joey for you.


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"Stratocracy" by CZOFT, the first release under Catskull Records, is now live! 15 dark LSDJ tracks embodying the hyper defensive military future we live in. Cassette tape with sticker only $10. Pick this album up, turn out the lights, and start fortifying your digital persona.



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Oh yeah, the lockout thing sure, but OP is saying sometimes MIDIOUT isn't even an option?


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My suspicion is he's using an EMS cart that only has the aboy version flashed on one side, so rebooting changes the LSDJ version which doesn't have the aboy stuff.


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What flashcart are you using?

You need to send midi on channel 16 for keyboard mode.

*kool aid man voice* OH YEAH


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LSDJ doesn't work on everdrive due to it only supporting 32k SRAM. If there's only 32k SRAM, LSDJ will just automatically save it, but you can only have one song per rom. So I guess you can have multiple copies of LSDJ on the cart to have multiple songs.

You can google "LSDJ EVERDRIVE" for many many threads here and elsewhere discussing this. I think some of the new Everdrive GB's have better support.


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Wow. You are really, really good at the drums!


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Last call! After tonight, they're gone forever!



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Gameputer_Bryan3 wrote:

When will there be a ROM version of YM2017?

As some point in the future! It will probably happen the same time the digital release happens. Currently the plan is to open source the ROM as well!


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This is really good!


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Only one week left for preording! https://catskullelectronics.com/YM2017


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This is good!