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First thing is I'd not use that branch, I actually didn't even realize that existed. You might have to install the PS2 library but I'd say run the latest code!


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I've added Droneboy as an option for the 32k cart here: https://catskullelectronics.com/collect … flash-cart


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I've got a backup of VGM MM 11 here: https://github.com/catskull/ym2017.com/ … aker11.zip

cool! I've added it as an option for a pre-flashed rom to my 32k cart here: https://catskullelectronics.com/product … 9769323708


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frantic wrote:

Cool! I'd be happy to test it, but I live in Sweden.

I'm the author of defMON though, so perhaps that could help in case some bug fixing would turn out to be needed.

What is needed to reflash? Usb-c cable and the arduino IDE, or something else?

I'll DM you! Refreshing won't be easy, you need an avr ISP programmer and a little adapter jig I use or to solder some wires to some pads. Earlier I thought reflashing with Arduino IDE would be possible but realize now that it won't.


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Here's the interface:

I'm working on the code (porting to Arduino/MiniCore). Source available here: https://github.com/catskull/defmon-sync

I have a c64 but not a working defmon setup. Anyone up for testing? I can send you an interface for free. Ideally US based and technical enough to reflash the board.

I would highly recommend just grabbing an emulator (BGB works well on windows, sameboy also works good) and a copy of the LSDJ rom for free before you spend a penny. Absolutely no reason to spend money on it until you know why you'd need it!

Unless the goal is to buy some gear with is a whole hobby in itself big_smile


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nice work!

this is what I needed


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Have you tried emailing oliver at [email protected]? I'd also recommend signing up for email notifications for restocks.


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I think we'll go ahead and get some modern interface put together. Should be small and about the same price as scannerboy used to sell them for. I'll update here with any news!


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Always love a nice 2xDMG track. Enjoyed this!

I know the code uses libftdi to do some stuff beyond just usb-serial, so there's probably some black magic in there somewhere.

Worth pointing out that these cartridges should work fine with any other flasher you can buy right now. Also I just noticed the battery is missing so saving won't work!

Would you be interested in trading? I'm mostly just interested in documenting old/obsolete hardware. I could trade for an EZ Flash Jr. which is SD based, or something else? Either way, no big deal.

This is the source I've compiled on Mac, not sure exactly on Linux but it says it works: https://github.com/cubicstyle/gbcartfla … .1_libftdi

That is a "bleepbloop usb" cartridge. What OS are you using? You can compile the flasher for mac or linux, but on mac you have to do some funkiness to get macos to not mount the serial interface with it's default driver.