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part of me wants to buy this, but would buying a prosound+backlit gameboy cost less?


You sure about that? Seems like the custom DMGs I see regularly go for 100+.


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I am 90% sure the unit they had at ces was simply a regular backlit pocket they put in a new shell.

We asked Johan on the fb lsdj group and he confirmed that he's talking with them but said he's not really interested in licensing lsdj to them for inclusion.


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I built it a few years ago and don't remember having any issues at all. On mac os. I did use the makefile though. Go into the source folder and make build and it should work, assuming gbdk-n is in the right place and everything.


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Is the link port actually confirmed to not exist?


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Happy b day chip dad!

Darn that nes-audio.com is down. Anyone have contact info for Neil? I'd love to help out long term to keep the site up.

For now, way back machine is your friend: http://web.archive.org/web/201705101423 … -v1-04.zip

Here's a discussion previously: https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/1089 … lor-clone/

*kool aid man voice* OH YEAH

Yeah you can sell here! There's a trading post section specifically for that. I'd make a post there!

Things to include:
Prices for everything you're selling
Your location

I'll buy them!

Kind of might make an "arduinoboy lite" hardware that targets only this build.

If I send you a teensyboy, will you get it working on it? I know many people really like this fork.

Actually, thinking about it here, I'm pretty sure this will work on the GBA MIDI board I'll be releasing very soon with very little modifications to your code...


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Wow how strange!

Not sure what you're doing to test, but here's what I do:

With the gameboy off, plug in your keyboard.
Turn the gameboy on, verify the keyboard has power (usually the scroll lock keys flash on boot)
Open the LSDJ song
Go into the settings, and toggle keyboard sync off then back on
Go back to the song screen
Just the arrow keys to verify you can move the cursor around


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Hey thanks!

I actually run a label as well! http://catskullrecords.com and we're also working on a vinyl release with some awesome folks. So stay tuned for that very soon, as well as a proper digital release!


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Well, I don't think usb > PS/2 keyboard adapters will work at all with this. You need a true PS/2 keyboard. I'm foggy here, but there is something to do with those adapters not actually converting it correctly to true PS/2. Similarly, it seems like some modern keyboards internally use a usb to PS/2 adapter. I'm super foggy here, but for sure I'd try to track down a true PS/2 keyboard and see what happens.

Power issues could very likely be an issue if the DMG is backlit as well. I know some DMGs have power issues with backlighting alone. That, said, my DMG is backlit and works fine with a PS/2 keyboard, but I have no idea what kind of power the VGA adapter draws.


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Try a different keyboard!


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The X3 literally has a button INSIDE the cart that you can press. It will reset the cart. So what you have to do is save, then press the button, and it will reboot with your save. But if you forget to push the button after saving, it won't actually save. Not worth the risk IMO.