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Lol wtf? That Cool Spot Gaming link is kinda funny, they're using reflashed bootleg pokemon games which only have 32k sram and thus only hold one song at a time. I used to offer the same thing but stopped because I wasn't comfortable with the quality.

But the real WTF is they're using an LSDJ label I designed YEARS ago, I don't even have the files anymore and though they were totally lost! Kinda cool!


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Is it still DIN5? Bidirectional is pretty rad!

also can vouch for ui's brilliance (love the stuff you've been posting on instagram lately!)


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Since this is the first result on google for "midines sample list", I'll post another wayback machine link that nullsleep just dug up for the samples on 1.1.1. It's not a full list, but 1.1.1 has 256 samples instead of the 16 on 1.0.

https://web.archive.org/web/20080513151 … o_dmc_bank

I got my console yesterday. Here's a twitter thread where I explore the album cartridge, it's pretty cool! https://twitter.com/xxcatskullxx/status … 76737?s=20

TL;DR: The cart plays uncompressed audio off SD directly to the console through the audio in pins on the cartridge connector. Really clever design that doesn't use any microcontrollers or FPGAs!

I'm super impressed!

This album is super good and I'm not sure I've heard chiptune that sounded quite like it before.

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Honestly this isn't the place to get the best discussion of these. A little to high-brow for our ilk. If you want good opinions, talk to some of those purists on Nintendo Age or something.

I don't think this is necessarily true, especially considering the Analogue Pocket will have striaght-up Nanoloop 2 built in. I also think something like the Mega Sg is a great way to get a quality Sega Genesis with 3.5mm audio out without fighting a bunch of scammy eBay sellers and digging through the 10 revisions of the console to get the one with the good sound chips.

Analogue has been around for the better part of the last decade, you can find that out with a rudimentary google search. They have released FPGA based NES, SNES, Genesis. This is simply a special edition of the Genesis console (Mega Sg). They are based in Portland, Oregon, USA and Shenzhen, China.

Apparently the cartridge isn't actually using the YM2149 chip, just streaming compressed audio. Still cool, but could have been cooler. I ordered one because I'm intrigued with the cartridge!

Yep, I know for a fact that all GBAs have power on the link port, I use it for the GBA Midi Synth: https://catskullelectronics.com/gbamidi

But yeah some link cables are wired funky which is why I include one in that bundle.

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not to make it harder but also internally mounted arduinoboy with ble midi thanks D


All of the aftermarket GBC link cables I have seen have the power line connected but it connects to SD on the other side. So if you cut a link cable, you can wire in the power lead.

I'm not sure about the MGB-004 adapter but I'd guess it will work (in fact I swear I've tested it and confirmed that). A quick test with a multimeter should confirm it pretty quick though!


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You'd be way way better off with new hardware if all you need to do is convert din midi to the controller port. It would be way cheaper too!

uXe is the only person I've seen make a "modern" power supply, though it's different than what you're doing here. Here's his documentation: https://community.arduboy.com/t/arduboy-classic/293

Somewhere there he says that running lower than -18v results in better contrast??? So You should play with that to see what the best voltage is.


This is super cool! The music is great and I'm really happy to see the few extra songs. Also the mapper is implemented in discrete logic which is awesome and I'm not sure if I've ever seen it before! Here's the PCB for those curious:

And it has a custom super gameboy border!

Clearly nitro2k01 has done a fantastic job here, the whole team should be really proud!

Ordered! One note, prices are displayed in CAD not USD so it's a fair bit cheaper than it initially looks!