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Awesome video(s)!

"皮下电路 - Subcutaneous Circuits" by Immortan

6 tracks that explore what it means to be human or a machine, including 2 remixes by Auxide and En F.O.I. and a blistering gnarly guitar solo by Solarbear!

Cassette tape only $10. PWYW digital.



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Yeah, for one it uses batteryless ram so the battery will never die and take your songs with it.


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Yeah, a fightercart style thing wouldn't be that hard to do, but I've be reluctant to put steam into it because a) I don't really like directly competing with other things on the market (but fightercarts aren't on the market?), b) I don't really want to have to rely on a third party flasher (though the joey flasher is really nice IMO), and c) I didn't think people were into it. I'll have to keep thinking/experimenting.


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I would love to sell Drag n derps! How essential is the USB? Would something like asm's fightercart fit the bill?


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Maybe we can start a petition to get abrasive to make more?


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It does, but you have to press the button after saving. For LSDJ I'd say go with an x5. If you forget to press that button you're toast!

I think the issue is the gameboy can't write to the flash. Well on second though maybe they could because I don't think the bootlegs use the SND pin for write enable, rather I think it's controlled by the memory bank controller.

Kinda didn't realize the link was straight to the zip. Here's the readme: https://github.com/catskull/Arduinoboy/ … /README.md

Notably you have to download the library and extract it in your libraries folder.

Thanks for the order btw!


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Who's up for YM2018?

If the issue were power supply related I'd be fairly shocked. Almost 100% of the issues I've seen that have symptoms like you describe are link cable related. Which link cable are y'all using?

Wait what? Why wouldn't you just build it into the super gameboy at that point?

Have you tried turning off the screen in mGB? I think it's like select + start + a + b. Significantly reduces the noise.

Also are you talking about putting an arduinoby in a super gameboy, or inside the SFC itself?


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egr wrote:

Just chiming in that I get this as well using my USB arduinoboy. I assumed it was some interference with my audio interface or something but I really don't know.

Which arduinoboy are you referring to? Is it one of mine? Haven't noticed this but admittedly I haven't really looked for it either.


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This is not the Revo k101 despite using the same shell. It is a gba slot but it will not boot gba carts. It's just for a micro SD adapter.