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Wow. You are really, really good at the drums!


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Last call! After tonight, they're gone forever!



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Gameputer_Bryan3 wrote:

When will there be a ROM version of YM2017?

As some point in the future! It will probably happen the same time the digital release happens. Currently the plan is to open source the ROM as well!


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This is really good!


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Only one week left for preording! https://catskullelectronics.com/YM2017


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This is good!

trash80 wrote:
catskull wrote:

Can help with mobile!

You know much CSS Grid? That's the option I am going with VS redoing all of the markup in Bootstrap.

Full time front end web dev. Haven't messed with it much directly, but I'm sure we can figure it out.

Can help with mobile!


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Does anything happen if you poke the ribbon cable on the screen? Like do the lines change much? If they do, I'd suspect a loose connection somewhere, otherwise I'd think the ribbon was damaged or cut.


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I'd double check the ribbon cable connecting the two pcbs, but other than that, it's probably toast sad


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mihaelkyeah wrote:

Awh, how could I have missed this! I had a submission ready before the deadline. ;_;
Will there be another one of these next year, or anytime soon?

Kind of depends I guess! We'll see how this one sells. It's doing okay so far, but we need more to make all months of work worth it. YM2018 might not happen, or it might be a digital only thing. Time will tell!


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Thanks everyone!

Track previews are live on the site! Give them a listen! https://catskullelectronics.com/YM2017


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PREORDERS ARE LIVE: https://catskullelectronics.com/YM2017

Currently I've got a spool of 96.5/3/0.5 tin/silver/copper. 0.38mm diameter. Works out pretty well for me! Though I should probably step back from the ledge, I'm not saying it's 100% always bad advice to say "don't use lead-free solder", but I think in the context, the lead content of the guy's solder is so irrelevant that giving that advice is not going to help in any way.

I keep both on my bench and the difference to me is negligible.

darenager wrote:

Also don't use lead free solder, use leaded.

This is not based in reality.