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actually just checked in here for the first time in quite a while.

even though there isn't that much activity here, i am happy this place still exists

yo sup guys!

i released new nano stuff via the Chippanze label 2 days ago!


It's all done with Nanoloop and a delay pedal.

I had quite some fun putting this release together and I hope you'll enjoy the sounds of spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace heart

It is this one:

virt - Lick the Alphabet

holy shit chibi-tech and fighter x on the same line-up
try not to kill the place

wish i could come over from europe sad


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Chiptune in Europe is very much alive at the moment.
There have been numerous new artists within the last 2-3 years, especially the German and French scene has popped up a lot of new musicians. And as Vault Kid already said, there's Chipwrecked, which serves as a huge networking engine.

i dont know the exact situation in the US, I mean they have magfest n shit, and pulsewave which is a regular chip event that happens every month, theres also 8static...

hey pals,


enjoy lul


"After 2 years of playing shows in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK, havocCc finally releases his first Nanoloop album „_Lo-Tech“.

This release consists of 9 jams recorded live and in one take with every single loop being triggered and manually edited on the fly, delivering the finest of experimental Lo-Fi Techno.

Shaped by intuitive sequencing and sound design that brings out the darker and industrial side of Nanoloop 2, this album brings you a fresh mix of droney and driving Techno music and concludes with a soothing ambient session.

Every track was recorded on a classic Game Boy Advance running Nanoloop 2.7.9 through a Behringer U-Control interface."

Enjoy the sounds!


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Dropping a record consisting of 9 improvised Nanoloop 2 sessions via Sharkpeople Records on 4/20.
Stay dank

https://soundcloud.com/havoccc/lo-tech- … le-records


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the second part is now online! heart


sleeping all day


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Hey guys!
I just started with a new series consisting of Nanoloop improvisations called "_Lo-Tech"

Here's the first part, moer to come in the future heart


a little excerpt from a liveset i recently played smile

https://www.facebook.com/havoccc/videos … 676633919/



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"Nightfall" and "Sunset" from my Diurnal Course EP are pretty sad/melancholic.


I had an amazing time at hyperwave in london!
you can now find my lilveset on soundcloud heart


Our beloved estonian chiptune DJ Oliotronix and her friend Nacasat have been robbed recently and they lost a whole bunch of their stuff.
They have a crowdfunder going on to recover at least some of it, so please spread the word and be generous!

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding … =mmpWrBNyy

shit like this is really just the worst... sad

Hey folks!
As some of you might have heard already there will be a 3 day long chiptune festival on Bornholm, Denmark in coming august (24-27 to be more precise)

There are 50+ artists listed so far, and to provide the best possible experience for the artists and visitors the organizer made a kickstarter smile
It still runs until the end of April and so far barely the half of the goal has been achieved.
It would be so awesome if this happens and we need all your help smile

Here is the link to the kickstarter heart
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/63 … tival-2017

Spread the word, donate, party!

heart heart