Free release on bandcamp here:

I was wondering if you guys know of any interesting examples of PSG in genesis soundtracks. It's used pretty extensively throughout Streets of Rage, and Sonic the Hedgehog can make for another good demonstration.

I'm assuming, though, that with all the extra channels there was no 'need' for the bells and whistles like noise bass or even arpeggios. I haven't found any crazy uses of the PSG in MD music yet, I'm guessing that might be limited to modern compositions...

Lazerbeat wrote:

@bucky I tried to post a message on tumbler but wasn't able to for some reason.

Im super interested in Megadrive / Genesis sound. The YM2612 has an internal DAC which I think is a bit unique? My feeling is the sound is a bit more crunchy than other similar 4op sin only chips, is this correct? Im also curious about the Megadrive PSG. The PSG seems to interfere with the YM2612 a bit, almost as if the PSG is way louder, especially when using all 3 tonal channels. Do you know any good things to bear in mind to keep both chips working nicely together? Are there any MD soundtracks which use the psg in interesting ways? Sorry if this is a bit of a nerdy question....


Hey thanks! Don't mind the super-nerdy questions at all, but this does go beyond my current knowledge.

I don't have a lot of first-hand experience with MD/ Genesis audio. A lot of what I know is stuff I've read, and I haven't read anything on the DAC nor the levels/ interaction between the 2612 and PSG. If I had an everdrive cart I'd love to test the 2612 vs. PSG levels. Does anyone know more about this?

As for use of PSG in MD soundtracks, I'm currently looking for more examples, because that's certainly a topic for a future post. A while back animalstyle showed me the pulse wave melodies in Streets of Rage. I'll definitely be using some stuff from that as an example:

I have no idea if there are any MD soundtracks that use more advanced PSG tricks though. I'm not expecting to find noise bass or additive synthesis, that would be a pleasant surprise. I'll start a thread in the sega forum for this though... smile

Thanks guys! smile

Explod died, after some FTP hosts vanished and I decided to just upload soundtracks straight to youtube. I should make a post closing it and linking to the new one...

Most of what I post on retrogameaudio will probably be familiar to chip musicians, but I'll try to keep it interesting. A lot of talking about instruments used in soundtracks, why things sound the way they do, etc. There'll be some stuff about game soundtracks too, but it's more about the sound design.

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I like this vid though because it shows the crowd. 

Yeah but this video is way better. big_smile

Love the Werewolf the Last Warrior track, great job guys! Such an awesome soundtrack, wish I made it to magfest earlier and caught your set. hmm

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

strong as fuck, i was ready to rage when they wouldnt let em play one more song

Hehe, thanks man. It's all good! I had a blast. big_smile

We've released our first Autoscroll EP:

1. Intro - Shadow of the Beast [Amiga]
2. Stage Two - Alien 3 [SMD]
3. Beatnik on the Ship - Streets of Rage [SMD]
4. Holidays - Obelix [GB]
5. Elephant - Rod Land [FAM]
6. Love and Peace - Zombie Nation [FAM]
7. Splash Woman - Mega Man 9 [WiiWare]
8. Entrance - Mortal Kombat [SMD]
9. Just Friends - Gimmick! [FAM]

Thanks for listening!

Amazing weekend! I had an awesome time. I got there late and missed a bunch of crucial performances. Playing the same time as virt was kind of odd too, but an incredible weekend nonetheless.

Here's the autoscroll set-

^Mega Man 9 - Splash Woman

^Mr. Gimmick - Just Friends

A large, collaborative effort over at the minibosses forums resulted in a "Top 100" (115) list:

What's neat about this list is that it's not based solely on the opinions of a few dudes. Lots of people voted on a huge number of openly-nominated tracks (over 17 hundred). No game or song was too obscure for nomination... if someone liked it, it got voted on. During the voting round, listeners were forced to listen to roughly half of a track before being able to vote, and the songs were voted on before revealing what game they were from.

Voted top lists often wind up being popularity contests, because popular titles will dominate due to the shared recognition and appreciation they'll always have over lesser-known stuff. But the open nomination and forced-listening aspect helped to ensure that the list isn't wholly compromised of nostalgia. Yes, there's going to be lots of Mega Man and Castlevania, but hopefully chiptune and retro vgm enthusiasts who like to dig beneath the surface will be pleased with some of the results. smile

5 tracks are being revealed a day. NSFs are embedded into the site with FlashNSF, and are linked for download.


gonna be sick! big_smile


v0.2 - 7/15/2011
- Pattern length and starting row options.
- Namespaced the importer and NotSo Fatso code for better separation.
- DPCM samples now have a filename, prevents crashing.
- Limited support for DPCM offset (Yxx).
- DMC volume write support (Zxx).
- DMC halt support.
- MMC5 duty corrected (Vxx).
- VRC7 support for frequencies outside FamiTracker's gamut.
- VRC7 support for sustain/note release (===).
- Prevent crash on too many frames.


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This looks amazing.


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Yes! So happy to see these!

Having played around with this some more, this is without a doubt the best tool for analyzing NES music.

I wanted to put it to the test and jump right into something intricate, so I'm working on a perfect recreation of Silver Surfer track 1 from scratch. I'm only about 15 seconds into the song, but everything is completely accurate thus far. If I can pick that apart, almost everything else (at least game music) will be a lot simpler to study or recreate.

Asides from Neil Baldwin tunes... I'm afraid/ wondering what his single channel echo demo would look like. To do that in famitracker, it'd probably need a million instruments and envelopes...


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Yup! I didn't mean to make it sound like in_vgm is the only option for VGMs, but it's odd to complain about something being 'pointless' or 'making no sense' when it obviously has merits and makes perfect sense for a group of people.

"Why not have a place for people to post their roms for others to listen to?"

Exactly! This is good shit. If it's not the best method for you, you don't have to participate. Or you can request .vgms from the same composers.